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  1. Lost Hills Flash

Lost Hills Flash

We have had a report from Lost Hills.  A few people got on to the field with their RV on Saturday before any rain started.  This includes some event organizers and Lost Hills committee members. They report some very heavy rain on Sunday evening.

The rain in the Lost Hills area was significantly less than other parts of California that face the South West, on the coast and in the mountains. National media reports very heavy rain in the Los Angeles area but less than expected and emergency services are dealing with all issues.

The flying field at Lost Hills is in good shape and people on the field have been flying.  The grass on the field is holding the surface together.

The access to the field now   is extremely difficult and a sportsman got stuck. Work is being done on both the access roads with heavy equipment.  Do not get in their way, it is dangerous.

This means  that you should NOT try and go on the field today Tuesday Feb 6 even if the sun is shining ! .  The forecast for the end of the week when the contest starts is good. You should not try and go on the field on Wednesday either unless we report that it is OK to do so.  We will get information from the people on site. Especially do not take an RV on the field until you get the OK.