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SEN 3190

  1. All-Tee Tech Information
  2. About Time Project Update
  3. All-Tees Altimeters for Sale


All-Tee Tech Information

From: all-tee

Here is the link for the revised manual :

Access to the new versions was in a previous SEN at
As you can see, the cloud upload is not yet operational. Should this become available, we will post a link to an update for the app.

Notes to users :

The new app version 1.5 will be installed parallel to the previous app 1.4.7. Note that previously stored flights displayed in the old app will not be ported to the new app.
Both apps 1.4.7 and 1.5 can be used side-by-side. Note that the icons are identical, so to avoid confusion it is advised to remove the old app 1.4.7 (or older) from your device before installing this newer app. However the stored flights will be lost.

No All-Tee firmware upgrade is required. However the firmware in the All-Tee must be version 1.2. Should you have the first version of the All-Tee (slightly bigger with the green circuit board) and you did not perform a firmware upgrade, it is better to stay with the app (older than 1.4.7) to avoid compatibility issues.
In summary :

All-Tee v1.0 (green printed circuit board, length 20 mm) without firmware upgrade :  not About Time compatible. Use ‘old’ app (older than 1.4.7).
All-Tee v1.0 (green printed circuit board, length 20 mm) with firmware upgrade :  About Time compatible. Use app 1.5 (with About Time) or 1.4.7 (without ‘About Time’)
All-Tee v1.2 (black or red PCB), smaller printed circuit board, length 17 mm) : app version 1.4.7 (without About Time), app can be upgraded to version 1.5 (with About Time)

I sent the landing detection syntax to Frederic (at Flying Neurons). Not sure if he is using this, so depending on the used detection parameters the results could be different. It will be interesting to see how the automatic flight times match the manual times.



About Time Project Update

As you can see from above there is a new version of All-Tee with About Time features
There are also  New versions of Flying Neurons components.

-The NeuroTrack 1.2.1 Application (available on the Apple store and
Google Play)
-The MiniNeurone 1.2.4 Firmware
-The Neurone 3.3.4 Firmware

are available.

They correct and improve many functions and allow the downloading of
altitude graphs in AboutTime (  On the web site you select the date you want to look at, there is a pull down calendar in the date seltion box


All-Tee Altimeters for Sale

From: Marty Schroedter
I am selling two, never used, All-Tee altimeters for $50 each. I will be at Lost Hills for the week. You can contact me there or email me at if you are interested.

Marty Schroedter