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  1. Fab Feb Update
  2. USA FAI ID Processing


Fab Feb Update

There are weather forecasts that predict rain starting on Sunday for the beginning of the week. The forecasts for the Lost Hills area are less than some of the more populated areas of California. But it will still probably rain quite a lot.
The status on Saturday  afternoon is that the best way on to the field is to take the North entrance. Some truck traffic has churned up our regular entrance a bit.
This means  go 1.2 miles north of the normal entrance.
You will see two signs showing FAI with arrows to the left

There is another traffic issue as the bridge on HWY 46 in the town of Lost Hills over the California Aqueduct is down. When coming from I-5 on Hwy 46 you by-pass this by turning right on to Lost Hills Road,at the entrance to the town of Lost Hills  next to the community center, football field and Fire Station and then left on GP Road that takes you to Holloway Road and right onto Holloway Road.

We know quite a number of people are arriving early in the week for some extra flying. If it is raining hard  or has rained hard recently DO NOT go on to the field. The road can be slippery when wet and people driving on it will make it worse.  Remember we fly at Lost Hills because it is in the middle nowhere and there are not people there to help you if you get stuck. If any question or doubt DO NOT DRIVE IN BY YOURSELF. Be sensible.

The first official part of the event is the sign up at the Lost Hills Community Center on Friday morning that’s almost a week away.

USA FAI ID Processing

Some people have reported  system issues with getting their FAI ID updated. So make sure you get your entry into our system even if you can’t finish your FAI_ID update.  Try the NAA system again. Andrew Barron reports that he had trouble renewing his FAI_ID  and ended up by calling the NAA and leaving a voice mail. They called him back and did what he wanted over the phone.  Thanks to the NAA.

NOTE FROM LINDY:  At this point in time there are only three people missing current FAI licenses … you should know who you are.  And one American has not provided his AMA ID … he won’t be allowed to fly if he doesn’t provide it in time for verification before the contest.