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  1. All-Tee and About Time Update
  2. Fab Feb Update
  3. FAI ID


All-Tee and About Time Update

From:Allard Van Wallene

Hi Roger,
Below is a download link for the revised app with flight timing functionality. Uploading to the Cloud is not yet functional, however the app provides the automated flight time.
I will provide an annex to the currently used app manual coming weekend.
You can share this info via SEN.


Fab Feb Update

There was some rain in California this morning and some more forecast.  Some of the Fab Feb organizers will be at Lost Hills from this Saturday, a week a head of the start of the flying. They will be keeping an eye on the weather and deciding what we need to do. We will publish updates using SEN if needed.

We have about 130 entrants and if you are planning on taking part you need to enter now.  The event organizers have preparation they need to do before the events  so would appreciate entries now.  Note that you don’t pay anything until you get here so there are no issues there.  There one well known  professional F1C  sportsman who “what’sapped” one of his acolytes to get him a gallon of fuel but has not entered himself yet, maybe we need to cancel the fuel, charge the acolyte or what ?  (just joking … but help us please)



To have your flight scores counted towards the official World Cup results you need to have a FAI ID. The FAI IDs are issued by your National Aero Club.  In most countries  our National Aero Modelling organization is affiliated with the National Aero Club.  In these cases the National Aero Modelling organization handles most things to model flying such as rules and event sanctions but it is quite common for the National Aero Club to issue the FAI IDs. Most of them have an online site where they do it and are generally quite quick about doing it.  There are rules as to when they expire and other national criteria can vary from country to country. Because the February contests at Lost Hills are early in the year and because we don’t want someone to come all the way to Lost Hills to take part in a World Cup only to find the FAI ID is not up to date when you enter we check against the master FAI data base   that your FAI ID is up to date and let you know if there is an issue so you can resolve it.

For that reason it is important when entering a World Cup event  that you give us your FAI ID when you enter and that you enter in time to resolve any issues that we might uncover.  For example the NAA, who is the National Aero Club in the USA (NAA.AERO) say  that they take up to 3 working days to issue a FAI ID.

There are some countries that have additional national rules on issuing FAI ID and that means that people from those countries may not be able to get a FAI ID to take part in a World Cup  and there are people who might be just getting started in the World Cup classes and not sure if the want to get a FAI ID yet. The people can fly but their scores will not be part of the official World Cup results.  Note that a FAI ID is not needed for the Mini-Events nor for a senior flyer taking part in F1P.  F1P is only a World Cup event for junior Flyers.  When the organizer of a FAI World Cup event submits the results to the FAI, the World Cup organizer, Ian Kaynes in our case for Free Flight checks that each person taking part has a valid FAI ID. Note that this does not just apply to  those in scoring positions because the number of World Cup points obtained depends on the total number of  people taking part in the event.  In addition to the annual World Cup ranking the FAI maintains an overall sportsman ranking for flying in World Champs and World Cup performance this is kind of a rolling score that takes several years into account having a FAI ID is needed to get in that list.  It is also needed to be part of a national team to represent your country.

One particular comment for USA Junior flyers is that performance in the Feb events counts as part of the qualification for USA Junior Team and FAI ID is not required for the qualification but it is required once you are on the Team and go to take part in a World Champs representing the USA.