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  1. Re: Free Flight Aeromodelling Group SEN 3186
  2. Looking for Webra Speed 6X
  3. New F1E-electronic device


Re: Free Flight Aeromodelling Group SEN 3186

From: Ross Jahnke

May I suggest that members of the Free Flight Aeromodelling group join or migrate their dialog to the Free Flight group, which is well moderated and has several well known admins?


Looking for Webra Speed 6X

From:Tom Stalick

Hey Roger,
Can you ask the SEN group if anyone has a Rossi or Webra speed .60 or .61 they’d be willing to part with?
They can email me at



New F1E-electronic device

From:Paul Seren

as you know, 2 years ago I started to build a magnetic steering device with electronic components and Arduino based software. It was only planned as a small project for my own needs. But in the last 2 years I have built about 100 devices for several friends around the world. I am very happy to see the success of some pilots with this steering device in the 2023 F1E World Cup rankings. I have also received some feedback that has motivated me to build a new version.

In the current winter time I have started to build the new version of the software and hardware. The new software (and hardware) version F1E-V2.0 is now available for interested F1E pilots.

Again, the software code is published as “open source” for anyone interested in rebuilding or modifying this device:

The description of the new device can be found under this link:

I can also build some devices for other pilots. For this case I have opened a webshop:

For more information please contact me by e-mail

Feel free to post this info in the SCAT news if you like!

Have fun at Lost Hills and all the other contests this year!

Paul Seren

Editor’s note.  Paul included the manual but we were not able to include that attachment but it can be downloaded from the information link above.  Very interesting