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  1. Event Report Harvest Classic – John Clapp’s Memorial
  2. Looking for Sidus F1C Timer face plates

Event Report Harvest Classic – John Clapp’s Memorial

October 15, 21, 2023 Wawaywanda NY
From: Aram Schlosberg


Andrew Barron 91 180 150 150 571

Peter Barron 210 154 150  18 532

Gene Ulm     193             193


Don Rousseau 120 80 64 91 35 355


Drake Hooke 61 66 68 195

A elec

Drake Hooke 64 47 74 185

This year the Harvest Classic lucked out with bad weather on both weekends. A was flown on Sunday October 15 under strong northern wind while the other events were flown on Saturday October 21 under westerly windy conditions with a soaking wet field.

On Sunday, October 21st we held a memorial service for John Clapp.  Cathy Clapp eulogized her father. Others were Sally Clapp, Vic Nippert, Don Rousseau, Bill Buss, Drake Hooke, Maria Noldy, Peter Barron, Yuda Avla and me.
John Clapp was an avid freeflighters, managed FAI model supply and loved working with Science Olympiad juniors. In 2016 John was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Aram Schlosberg


Looking for Sidus F1C Timer face plates

From: Ted Hidinger
Wanted = Sidus F1C Faceplate(s) as many as you are willing to sell me. To be sure we are on the same page the one that “looks like the old Seelig one”.  Ted Hidinger.  Mission. Viejo, CA. 602 316-4430.

[Ted did include a photo – no photos in SEN at the moment] it looks like it might have 5 or 6 levers send Ted a photo of what you have for sale.