National Free Flight Society

SEN 3161

  1. Comments on Model Flying only
  2. Confirming F1S
  3. Harvest Class Oct 21 and Acton Annual November 4-5

Comments on Model Flying only

Very recently we got some comments on the conflict in Israel and not so long ago about the ongoing one in Ukraine. Both of these are terrible humanitarian tragedies that are affecting many of our personal friends as well as many other innocent people.  However taking part in educational, sporting, cultural and recreational activities is one of the ways that helps us deal with the bad things that happen and create friendships that help stop them in the future.
The issues behind these tragedies are often very complicated and it can be hard to deal with them.  For this reason we confine comments in SEN to those about our part of model flying and do not include other kinds of  comments that could possibly be  considered to be political or divisive. In comments about recent conflicts we have seen all kinds of comments referring to all things, true, false, past, present, domestic, international, etc.  We cannot judge how our comment might be taken by another. There are plenty of other ways of addressing humanitarian tragedies.  So please understand and forgive us if we don’t publish something you may have submitted. We are not insensitive to this. Like you we have friends who have died, been injured, displaced and had their lives turned upside down. SEN is not the forum to discuss this.

Confirming F1S

From: Ian Kaynes
Re F1S Changes
The USA had proposed to the 2023 CIAM Plenary that the batteries allowed be simplified to 2-cell Lipo and the regular motor run reduced from 10 seconds to 7 seconds.
This was discussed in the CIAM F1 meeting and approved and this was endorsed by the full Plenary voting.

Evidence of this is available from the FAI web site CIAM Plenary 2023 | World Air Sports Federation (     but this does not appear to include the full minutes of the final approval meeting. With the usual drop downs and selections you might be able to find the details under F1 meeting and under final voting.
Easiest access to proof is probably from direct links to my presentation to the Technical meeting with the F1S proposal summarised on page 23 and the meeting voting recorded in the F1 meeting minutes with the F1S item near the bottom of page 4.

Ian Kaynes

Harvest Class Oct 21 and Acton Annual November 4-5

From: Andrew Barron
Dear Free Flight Friends,
HARVEST CLASSIC: As previously announced much of the John Clapp Memorial Harvest Classic has been postponed to this Weekend, Oct 21.  An exception was made for the Sunday flying. F1A was held Sunday Oct 15. It started calm and stayed below FAI wind limit guidelines.  Gene Ulm finished 3rd, Peter Barron 2nd, and myself 1st.  No F1B fliers showed, so F1B is moved to this Oct 21-22 weekend. Watch for word from CD Aram Schlossberg for its start-time (or contact him directly).  Make attendance decisions carefully. Last Saturday turned out fine, calm and just damp until 2:30 when the rain started.  Don’t fully trust advance forecasts. The current forecast again shows some light rain this Saturday and some wind Sunday.
BROOKLYN SKYSCRAPER, DAVE ACTION ANNUAL:  We have good news that the Acton Annual is now scheduled for November 4-5.  I have been delegated as the CD and have ordered some great weather for this first weekend of November.  Plan on coming.  Weather can be variable.  Know that opportunity will be given to fly as long as there is sufficient visibility and winds are under 18 mph, per FAI and AMA  guidelines.  Glassware for the Dave Acton Annual will be awarded to the first and second place finishers in each event.  The contest flier is attached.

Thermals to All !
Andrew Barron

Brooklyn Skyscraper Dave Acton Annual
Americas Cup, National Cup
Wawaywanda, NY
Rescheduled to November 4-5, 2023

Saturday, November 4 starting at 10 am
FAI events: F1C (power), F1H (small glider), F1J+F1P (power), F1G (small rubber) and F1Q (Electric).
AMA events:  See below.

Sunday, November 5 starting at 7:30 am
FAI events: F1A (large glider), F1B (Wakefield) and F1S (small electric).
All FAI events will have 5 rounds.
AMA events: E36, Electric-A, Electric-B, E20, Hand Launch Glider, Catapult Glider and P30. These AMA events can be flown on either day, but the flying should be completed on the day the flyer starts.

Dawn Unlimited is flown on Sunday from 7:10am to 7:20am.

Award presentations at conclusion of flying 4pm Saturday and 1:30pm Sunday, including glassware for first and second place finishers.
Entry fee is $25 for all events. Golf carts available for retrieval. Fuel donation $5.
Camping is allowed on the field. Super 8 in Middletown and Days Inn on route 17M are popular among flyers. Most of the hotels in the area are part of the Wyndham group. Wyndham rewards membership reduces cost and provides free day after several stays.
It is expected that most fliers will be present just one day because hotel costs have risen surprisingly high recently. For AMA flying, Saturday will be the preferred day, if you are otherwise indifferent.
We are looking forward to good weather after a number of less than stellar chances this year. Weather can be variable, so make decisions accordingly. Flying opportunity will be open as long as visibility is sufficient and winds are under 18mph, per established FAI and AMA guidelines.
Directions to the field are on
CD: Andrew Barron
(203) 997 5229,