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SEN 3160

  1. F1S Change
  2. Am Cup Dates and Contest Postponements
  3. Know The rules of the game

F1S Change

From:Urs Schaller
See at:
ciam_2023_eplenary_meeting_-_proposals_final_v1.pdf (

The 10 second motor runs of F1S are excessively long. Tapio Linkosello has published flight performance on FB, reaching around 100 meter in 5 seconds. Good fliers can reach 60-70 meters with a 5 second motor run. Shortening the motor run to 7 seconds makes 2-minute maxes achievable but less automatic. In flyoffs, F1S motor run is dropped to 5 seconds (3.S.8 Classification section b)
Prior vote by F1 Subcommittee 5 in favour, 3 against
Voting by F1TM: 10 in favour, 4 against
The meeting discussed this proposal with some doubts about the effect of reducing the motor run on beginners or juniors.
Proposal is recommended by majority from the TM
Proposal carried forward by majority by the Plenary (22-1)

Should be active from beginning of 2024.


Am Cup Dates and Contest Postponements

From: aram Schlosberg

AMA allows rain dates. The increasing unpredictable weather patterns make this option more relevant.
Weather forecasts are improving. (An excellent free service is the Weather Underground run by IBM.) Both the organizers and participants track the weather before traveling to a LOCAL contest. (Long distance commuters should notify the organizers in advance.)
Not postponing a contest is costly to the organizers – sitting in their cars in poring rain or a blowout. The local motels can be expensive and it wastes the whole weekend.
The American Cup organizer currently requires a MONTH’S prior notice for postponing an American Cup. Agree that this requirement should apply to large contests that double up as WORLD CUPS.
But the rest of the American Cup contests should be considered as drive-to contests, allowed weather postponement SOME or ALL the events by at least one week. ///
Editor’s comment

The rules for the America’s Cup are reviewed at the end of every season for the following season.
An object of the America’s Cup is to encourage  travel to FAI  FF events through out North America.

Know The rules of the game

We have noticed lack of knowledge of the rules of the game.
The FAI/CIAM web site can be a little hard to navigate so here are some pointers … for extra help ask the grandkids…
The page with the documentation is here   on the page are links to the flying categories
IMPORTANTLY down the is the SPORTING CODE Section. Clicking on the section will show the details. Once you get Aeromodelling you find Free Flight actually you need the general Section and EDIC too.

Sporting Code
Here are the direct links

Note that EDIC certifies the electronics we use to measure or regulate the performance of our aircraft properly and fairly

Under the Aeromodelling section there is more useful stuff .
Remember to play the game you must know the rules
Remember the Grandkids can navigate the Interweb.