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Fly Off Procedures

I can assure Stepan that the jury were equally concerned about the time it took to issue the flyoff start positions. On F1A day the draw for flyoff positions was inefficient, on F1B they used a more  efficient method on my suggestion and they then produced the list of positions – job done, but it was only later that I realised they had not actually posted it until they had worked out timekeeper allocations. The administration side is the unseen complication of large flyoffs.
Ian Kaynes

Reply to Bob

From: John Carter
Reply to Bob
Removing electronic thermal detectors will have some effect but you would need to outlaw streamers etc as well.
Say  a streamer may not be more than 2 m above ground and no longer than 1m which is ok   for wind direction .
How ever you have now addressed BCQ but remember A can go find air ?