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  2. Reducing the Lotto Fly Off
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Making it fly worse

Good day everyone,
Every year, it seems the same, after the finals and after the world champs they always try to change the airplanes to make them fly worse.

The advanced performance of our models is outstanding, evolution, and looking for perfection  to make our airplanes GREAT  is second to none.

Everybody understands the issues that we have with  fields and CD’s. It’s been an issue ever since I was a little kid the same problems always exist.

I think the biggest thing I don’t understand is why they always try to make the airplanes worse, make a Ferrari, like a Pinto, is ludicrous. The governing factor of our models, and that goes with every model, is by adding weight, you add weight to everything it changes the performer to the airplane immediately. You don’t have to go through a  massive amount of money to re-engineer things to slow down the performance of our models. I say let it be. We can’t make everybody happy, but I love the performance of all these models. In all reality, it’s a primitive sport and it’s our favorite hobby.


Jeff Ellington


Reducing the Lotto Fly Off

From: Michael Achterberg

The other day was talking to a friend about F1b. He suggested rather than cutting rubber weight or any of the other thoughts that had been offered to reduce the amount of people in flyoffs a simple solution..

For smaller fields just use altimeter and dt timing which has been used. At the bigger contests just add time to flights. The goal is really to reduce flyoff numbers. We are trying to lower the numbers in flyoff and the incredible length of flight line and of course
the huge of amount of timers needed.    Altimeters will fix that issue, but we have all seen one area of flight line where a bubble or light thermal determines which group of flyers the winner almost always produces the Winner.. So as much as we hope to have a balanced equal chance the length of flight most of the time is a Lotto. Luck of the draw
In smaller events this is not an issue. An nobody knows who wins the Lotto because thermals are a random event..

His idea was simple. Just add time to 3 min rounds.. Everyone has flights that just make it or even dt at 30 feet or less in almost every contest for multiple reasons.. Bad launch, missed thermal slightly,  or bad transition.

But if we add time to the 180 rounds to say 200 sec or 210sec this will seriously reduce flyoff numbers. The big entree contests like  Maxmen, one in Hungary, Euro Champs and WChamps all flown on Big fields and wind permitting can handle another 20 to 30 sec in
180 sec rounds. Its worth a try to see how much it effects flyoff numbers. But in big contests which have 80,90, or 100 entrees and 50% in flyoffs is a problem due mostly to where the up air decides to pass thru the  super long flyoff line. Once again the lotto of the draw. An there are always thermals or bubbles of rising air somewhere on the fields.

Just a suggestion to think about.


We did a question on where to find World Champs Results
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