National Free Flight Society

SEN 3146

  1. One Way to Reduce F1C Performance
  2. less perfomance for F1B
  3. The Sniffer Update

One Way to Reduce F1C Performance

From: Harry Grogan

The previous SEN mentioned an idea that David Ackery had about reducing F1C performance. He suggested reducing motor venturi diameters to 4 mm (or less). I think this is a great idea. It is easily implemented and easily checked with a no-go gauge. He stated that this type of rule has been successfully used in F2D Combat for many years. I know that F2C Team Race also has a venturi size rule. Reduced power will allow motor runs to return to 5 seconds or maybe even 7 seconds. This will make timing of motor runs much easier. I do not fly F1C but I did fly F1A for many years, so I do know something about flying FAI events.

Harry Grogan


Less Perfomance for F1B

From: Dieter Paff
Hello Roger,
a very simple way to reduce the perfomance of the today F1B models: Reduce the diameter of the propeller to 400-450 mm. All other things can remain, except the thermal machines. Without these we will have much less flyers in a fly off.
To find the best flyer in a fly off with Altimeter is not fair ! In over 60 years free flight I had many flights which made max in lower height. The last experience was at Lost Hills in February when I had a bad start and the model where down to 20 m after 160 sec. But with a good thermal catching,  model fly over 8 min, all the time in that height ! With a altimeter decision, I was not in the fly off, and my later first place not possible.
BR Dieter


The Sniffer Update

From: Can Tezcan

Some more Information about the Thermal Sniffer

After Marty published the sale of Thermal Sniffer in SEN, there are some questions.
I want to try to answer them.
For repair and replacement in the USA, Marty is in charge, you can contact him for replacement or repairs.
For the technical specifications, pictures and videos, there is a facebook page to look at:

if someone want to see, how the app looks like, or how to use it, here is a small video

Meanwhile, I want to mention that there is also a cheaper version of Thermal Sniffer,
which is not using the pressure option. If someone is happy using only Temperature and Wind, he can buy the full set for 500$.

If you are in Europe you can contact me directly to buy, for the USA please contact Marty.