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  1. Thoughts after the World Champs.
  2. Not there yet – only 20
  3. Thermal Sniffer

Thoughts after the World Champs.

From: Vegar Nereng

How do we run world Cups and championships?
We start early in the morning about 06:00, Start first round 08:00 and last round 16:00.
We wait for flyoff calm weather later in the evening, my bee at 19:00.
We have been in contest about 14 hours. How many marathon is this?.
So when flyoff start, we have only 3minute to pick good air(F1B), on a start line of 300 meters.
Everybody have not a possibility to find good air, only the person who have get the start pole
with best air in the Lotto, is this the best winner, I think not.

I have think about how to make this more fair, without all this marathons.
We start first round in calm weather with 270 second max, 90 minute duration.
Second round if calm weather 240 second max, 90 minute duration.
Then we wait for thermals at 13:00.
180 second max, 90 minute duration. Then you have had contest in calm weather
and thermal weather. Model performance in two first and one round skills for thermal.
Now all who have maxed out, go to flyoff with altimeter.
The fourth round is flyoff, we say 16:00 still thermals.
We fly now 180 second with altimeter, with working time 30 minute.
Who is best to pick the best thermal and get the model highest is the winner.
And we can start 4 people, or more in same pole, Timekeepers only checks the altimeter before start.

Now we have a contest where the model with good performance come through the first  2 rounds. And we have one round to find thermal. And finally the flyoff-round to find the best weather /thermal  for your model. And we now have a result after 4 round. Still we have been at the flying field for many hours, but without stress. And possible to get in shape the next morning.

I think all the contest nowadays is about the best performance of the model, not to find
good air, as I think is the really best participant.
(You do not win a championship at 1500 m running, because you have good shoes)!!
But also other things can be done, reduce rubber to 25 gram, and my bee use 240 second in
two first rounds, one thermal flight and so the flyoff in different weather in 30 minute.
This is not a Lotto, who come highest, and then we find the best flyer.
Just some thoughts after the last Championships,

best regards Vegar Nereng.


 Not there yet – only 20

From: John Carter
correction finger problem I am 70 not 80 and still think I am 20  John Carter

Thermal Sniffer

From:Marty Schroedter

Roger please post for Can Tezcan

Can Tezcan, aka John, has asked me to put something in SEN letting people know he will be coming to Lost Hills for the Oct contests. John will be bringing Thermal Sniffers with him for purchase. However, he will only be bringing them if people are interested in purchasing them.  He’s asked me to help him with the orders and be his representative here in the US to handle these or any future purchases of his device. This includes any type of support such as a new Thermal Sniffer, part replacement, software upgrades, or just overall questions and issues should there be any.

Aimee used this unit exclusively in France and maxed out in 21 flights over the 3 contests she flew in, including the recent World Champs. This is a very good device, and we can’t say enough about it. Aimee and I are working with John to continue to improve on it as time goes on. Any software updates we may make, you’ll be sent a file for download. There will be no charge for this.

If anyone is interested, you can contact me at my email address If you would like one for LH in Oct, John has asked for a $200 deposit to show your commitment to it. The balance will be given to him at the field. The down payment can be sent to me prior to the contest. He is charging $600 for the package that includes the Sniffer, receiver, 2 cables and 2 battery packs.  Contact me via email and we will discuss ways to get a deposit. If you’d like one but won’t make the contests in Oct, I will arrange shipping to you just let me know.

Device Specs:

The Thermal Sniffer works on Android 10 devices for now.
The wireless system possesses a range of more than 500 meters. For thermal finding it is advisable to keep it in the 30 to 50 meters up wind range. Thermal Sniffer has an average power consumption of 60 mA. That makes it possible for 8+ hours of continuous operation. With a 500 mAh LiPo, with 3 AA batteries of 1200 mAh 20+ hours guaranteed.

Bluetooth dongle box has a power consumption of 20mA. Both the Sniffer and Box use USB-C ports for charging and/or powering up. Any USB-C cable and USB power supply will work. Do not use power banks. Because of the low power consumption, power banks shut down after 30 seconds of operation.

Wind sensors operate with 0.4 m/s sensitivity.

The Thermal Sniffer is 35mm diameter x 80mm height (Pole inlet tapers from 8mm to 6mm) The Bluetooth Booster Box is 49×33 x22mm.

Temperature readings are updated every half second. Within each half second, the device samples 10 readings and averages the data. The App has a temperature Median graph line to see optimum Thermal differences. A special gradient bar chart shows the temperature differences to the last 10 minutes exponential moving average.

Marty Schroedter