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  1. International Cooperation Works, so does being Polite

International Cooperation Works, so does being Polite

From Tiffaney O’Dell  on FB

The mayor of Orion, France, where the Poitou World Cup was flown went to extraordinary lengths to help get Blake’s F1B model out of a tree, where it was nestled 22 meters high. The family who were staying in the home on vacation were understandably upset when another  flyer demanded access after dark, so Didier Chevenard’s wife Debi (apologize for spelling) was wonderful for making amends and arranging access to their garden. A cherry picker was hired and two models were retrieved with no damage. Bravo to the organizers, the German team for offering a drone and expertise and everyone who helped. Please consider how you would feel if a somebody just walked into your garden looking for a model airplane, or demanded you let them get a model. Be polite, explain the situation and work with the property owner. Let’s keep good relationships with communities around our flying fields. We don’t have many left.

This information became available just after sending the previous SEN .. so we decided to send it right away. Also every time we arrive a SEN issue with special number – 3131 this time . We look for something special to put in it  . Tiffaney’s original post had a picture of the group with the mayor. We could not include that here so edited the text slightly.

Also I understand that the property owner became so interested in our event that they are starting by  coming to Moncontour for opening Ceremony later today