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Sporting Result

Our  Sporting Code uses a Term “Sporting Result”.  We have spoken of this before that one of the “Elephants in the corner” for us, FAI Free Flight Sportsmen is how to obtain a Sporting Result when the performance of our models can out fly the sites we use and the eyes of the timekeepers. The because apparent again at one of the pre-Champs World Cup events. This is not intended as a criticism of the organizer of the event, they did what they considered to be the best way under difficult conditions to obtain a “Sporting Result”.  In addition to the traditional situation of having to do a long fly off under failing light there were some unexpected rapidly changing weather conditions.  Some people were more happy than others with the results and subsequent retrieval difficulties.  The organizers did the best with the tools available. What we need to do is review those tools to make it easier for any organizer to obtain a sporting result.

We have had discussions about altimeter fly offs. We know there are time constraints in finishing an event, we can’t keep postponing a fly off until the weather is ‘nice’ or the wind under a number way less that 9 m/s. We some great technologists amongst us that should be encouraged to come up with ideas and work with those who run the major events. The solution has to be one that does not place too greater risk further decreasing the number of participants by reason of cost or complexity.  The structure of our rules making process is typical of many international organization but it does not encourage an agile development process that often used business  to quickly and successfully solve this kind of problem in a rapidly changing world. One of objectives is to encourage the participation of youth and they embrace technology.


Blog about the F1ABC-W/C and Junior F1ABP-E/C

on Saturday the World Championship F1ABC-Senior and the European
Championship F1ABP-Junior will start in France.
The Thermiksense blog about the world-cup competitions and the championship
is already running.

Best regards


Where next time

From: Manuel Blanco

.Hello Roger, what are the countries proposed for the European and World F1 A,B,C championships in 2024 and 2025
Manolito Blanco


Q at US Free Flight Championship, Lost Hills, CA

From: Mike Richardson

Hello Roger,
Would you be so kind and add this to the next SEN news letter.

There is a small error in the contest flyer concerning F1Q. It is scheduled for Sunday with 5 rounds, 2 minute maxes. I have contacted the CD and he informs me that if the Q flyers all agree we can fly on Saturday. The usual group of Q flyers do agree. So it will be the usual 7 rounds with the first max being 240 and followed by six 180s, the usual big boy stuff. So the boys on the F1B line, Heads Up!

Mike Richardson