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SEN 3129

  1. Q rules proposal clarification
  2. Champs real soon now

Q rules proposal clarification

From: Andreas Lindner
More about F1Q rules

In response of the posting from Urs Schaller in SEN 3126 I will clarify that the proposed rule change is NOT a German proposal, it comes from Italy.
I was in contact with Urs before and have only gave a comment to these proposal which he has published in SEN 3126. In Germany no discussions about any rule changes before the upcoming E/C  W/C events.

Andreas Lindner


Champs real soon now

More people are arriving every days.  Because of longer time period  with Euro Junior Champs the events are spread out over a longer period of time.

The Champs results will be on their web site  at
select the event you are interested in in the “menu box”. You can do this now to see who has entered.

Not sure where the supporting events results are posted