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  1. Adjusting the F1Q rules
  2. Tangent contests
  3. USA Team Gear

Adjusting the F1Q rules

From Urs Schaller
In two years’ time we will have a F1Q FF World Championship for the first time. In order to avoid the pre-contest discussions we live at each World Cup contest, we should adequate today’s rules.

We all know the exorbitant potential of a well-trimmed F1Q model. It can reach, with 3 Joules, 30 sec. motor time, as todays rules require, up to 160m (about 490ft). With a sink speed of 0,4m/sec that means a still airtime of 430sec. Definitely too much! Even with 2 Joules, the still airtime remains around 280sec. These are numbers for the very best models/pilots. However, even a much less efficient model will easily fly one max after the other.

At each World Cup I participated lately, the competitors had to decide prior the contest whether to fly the regular rounds with 3 Joules or 2 Joules. Of course, that is a deviation from normal competition flying in which a competitor follows the written rules and does not decide his own rules. The preferred mode was almost always for 2 Joules, 20 sec. motor time flights. Even so, the contest finished with about 50% of the competitors in the fly-off.

To avoid competitors decision five minutes prior a World Championship, I suggest to change the rule 3.8.2. and substitute 3 Joules with 2 Joules per gram of the total model weight.

Now Andreas Lindner from Germany had an interesting proposition. Introduce some flexibility to the rule so organizer (not the competitors) can define to how many Joules to fly. As there are regional and national competitions with newcomers, an organiser could decide to fly with 3 Joules rather than 2 to give them a chance. In addition, world and International contest could be flown to the proposed 2 Joules.

Let’s discuss before it is to late!
Urs Schaller

Tangent contests
From: Tiffaney O’Dell

Contests in Tangent, OR
Hi all, with everything going on we’ve been a little late getting the word out. The two FAI contests that we usually run in August will take place during the September Tangent meets, Sept. 8-10, this year due to half the FAI flyers being in France this August. The WMC will be holding the 5 Days in Tangent contest in August and will offer FAI Combo, which will have events recorded separately so they can count for America’s Cup points. Below are links to the flyers for both contests in Oregon. I hope you can make it to beautiful Oregon for some great free flight action among friends.

Tangent Classic/NW FAI Challenge link

5 Days in Tangent link

USA Team Gear

From: Blake Jensen
Help support/be part of the USA Outdoor Free Flight Team, F1A/B/C, by ordering some high quality gear.
We have some stock on hand now but will be doing a second run to fill orders and will run the hoodies on an order-only basis. Please contact USA Team Manager Blake Jensen for ordering.
We will be offering Haynes or Gildan shirts and hoodies in white and Port & Co embroidered hats in Navy:
$25 – Short Sleeve Shirts
$30 – Long sleeve Shirts
$40 – Hoodies
$25 – Hats

We will be pressed for weight but will try to bring anything ordered by those outside the US to France, for those who will be there. Otherwise we may be able to bring items to the September Tangent contest or to Lost Hills in October. We can also ship for the cost of the actual postage.
You can see it here

Thanks so much,