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The CIAM Legends Medal: Honouring the Best of the Best in Aeromodelling and Spacemodelling

Lausanne, Switzerland – The CIAM Legends Medal has been introduced to honour the remarkable pilots who have won the title of FAI World Champion in any Aeromodelling or Spacemodelling Competition at least three times.

Public recognition to inspire future generations
The CIAM Legends Medal, established by the FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) in 2022, will be presented for the first time this year. This significant award aims to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of the most skilled aeromodellers and spacemodellers. It also seeks to recognise these individuals as icons of their sport for all aspiring pilots, who demonstrate the hard work, dedication, and passion required to achieve greatness in air sports.

Who is eligible to become a CIAM Legend?
To be eligible for the CIAM Legends Medal, a pilot must have obtained at least three World Champion titles in any Aeromodelling or Space Models class. The World Champion title may be gained in different classes. The award is reserved for individuals only and can only be attributed once.

The first recipients
In 2023, the inaugural year, the CIAM Legends Medal will be awarded to 59 individuals, as CIAM have searched through the archives to analyse results from almost 800 World Championships in different classes, starting from 1951.

The United States currently boasts the most medal recipients, with ten individuals receiving the award. The pilots with the most world championship titles are Andreas Lüthi from Switzerland and Christophe Paysant Le Roux from France, both with nine titles each. They are both currently active pilots. Paysant Le Roux earned his first title in 1999 and his ninth title at the 2019 FAI F3A World Championship for Aerobatic Model Aircraft in Italy. Lüthi won his first title in 2000 and his ninth at the 2022 FAI F4 World Championships for Scale Model Aircraft in Norway.

FAI Medals and diplomas
The CIAM Legends Medal has been added to FAI’s list of prestigious medals and diplomas. These awards are intended to acknowledge individuals who have made valuable contributions to aeronautics and astronautics, specifically in the realm of sporting aviation. The awards ceremony takes place annually at the FAI General Conference’s Opening Ceremony. This year’s Conference is scheduled to take place in Dayton, Ohio, USA on 26 and 27 October

Link to list of recipient and more info

F1 recipients

ANDRIUKOV Alexander    UKR     1991    F1B
ANDRIUKOV Alexander    UKR     1993    F1B
ANDRIUKOV Alexander    UKR    1997    F1B
Kulakovskiy Oleg    UKR    2001    F1B
KULAKOVSKY Oleg    UKR    1999    F1B
KULAKOVSKY Oleg    UKR    2005    F1B
KULAKOVSKY Oleg    UKR    2007    F1B
VERBITSKYY Yevhen    UKR    1987    F1C
VERBITSKYY Yevhen    UKR    1997    F1C
VERBITSKYY Yevhen    UKR    2011    F1C
TREGER Ivan    SVK    2008    F1D
TREGER Ivan    SVK    2010    F1D
TREGER Ivan    SVK    2009    F1E
TREGER Ivan    SVK    2011    F1E
TREGER Ivan    SVK    2017    F1E
BROWN Steve    USA    1994    F1D
BROWN Steve    USA    1996    F1D
BROWN Steve    USA    1998    F1D
RICHMOND James    USA    1968    F1D
RICHMOND James    USA    1978    F1D
RICHMOND James    USA    1984    F1D
RICHMOND James    USA    1986    F1D
RICHMOND James    USA    1988    F1D
RICHMOND James    USA    1990    F1D
RICHMOND James    USA    2002    F1D
RICHMOND James    USA    2004    F1D


Euro Drone Sticker

From Tony mathews

UAS number in France:
From reading Bulletin #3, all teams outside of the European Union must have a UAS operator number on their models. It was not clear if the organizers will supply a sticker with this number or not.
So I asked the organizers and this is the response: “No, we don’t supply any sticker for that UAS number, you have to put yours.”
The Canadian Team will use a small label printed with a Brother P-Touch label maker or similar.
Tony Mathews

This is what the Bulletin says.
For competitors outside European Union, or competitors within European Union who don’t get an UAS operator number, a sticker with the FFAM UAS operator number (FRAd02bpviz5wmpr) will be affixed to the models registered by the competitors concerned. This will permit competitors to fly for the championships without any additional action.


NFFS HOF Clarification

From: Fred Terzian


Here are the Hall of Fame Results (taken from the AMA Nats website):

“Wednesday night was the much-anticipated annual National Free Flight Society (NFFS) banquet at the lovely Cornerstone Arts Center in downtown Muncie. The 2023 Free Flight Hall of Fame class was inducted: Stepan Stefanchuk, the Malkhasyan family, Ivan Treger, Bruce Kimball, Bob DeShields, David Mitchell, and Ron Wittman.”

Fred T.


Jim O’Reilly

From:Chuck Powell

Well  we lost another freeflight legend Jim Orielly , he flew at our last contest in may  , I named the contest the Jim O’Rielly invitational , he flew in our twin pusher mass launch and it was his last flight , yes he kicked our butts !
I  Will name our contest now the Jim O’Rielley memorial , I had his permission to do so , Jim did ALOT for our hobby with his plan and short kit business with Bob Halman ! Will miss Jim , met him at a hobby shop when I was ten over 50 years ago !
Chuck Powell
Benton Kansas