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  1. Dave Rounsaville
  2. October Dates at LH

Dave Rounsaville

From: Randy Secor on FB
It is with great sadness that I share with you that one of my best friends Dave Rounsaville passed away today. Those who know me well know that Dave and I had a lifelong friendship. I first met Dave in 1972 at Dick Mathis house when I was with Tom Hutchson to help him at the 72 semi Finals at Caddo Mills Tx.. The next year at the 73 finals I was Dave’s pit crew and air picker …that was the year he achieved his life long dream and won a spot on the USA FAI Power Team…. Dave was part of my family and help support my boys when they were flying in the FAI Jr Program. Dave and I redesigned his FAI Power Team Model for F1P for Cody who went on to win his 2nd WC in F1P in 2008.

Dave is well known  for playing guitar at many World Champs…his last performance was at the 2019 Lost Hills WC. I will cherish the many memories…

Rest in Peace Dave..

October Dates

Can you help me with the dates for the Lost Hills contests in October.
Paul Crowley

The Sierra Cup and Kotuku Cup will be held at Lost Hills from 3-9 October 2023, Full  details of the schedule that includes F1ABCQE World Cup Events plus Mini and other supporting events will be shortly.  9 October is a public holiday in some parts of the USA. Mike McKeever and Brian Van Nest are the CDs