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  1. Huron Cup report and results
  2. NFFS is looking for rubber for the USA Junior Indoor Team!

Huron Cup report and results

From Tony Mathews
Hello Free Flighters,
Attached you will find the results of the 2023 Huron Cup.
I want to congratulate the winners and extend a thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the perfect weather. I especially want to thank our Estonian guests Artem and his son Klim. We enjoyed meeting them and I hope they enjoyed their “Canadian” experience!

Thank you again to Ladi Horak for the BarBQ at his cottage on Saturday. A great social event with new friends and old.

I had sent notice on Saturday evening that we would be starting sooner than posted on Sunday morning. This was to avoid the rain that was potentially in the forecast (which thankfully never arrived!).
Sunday morning was overcast with very light drift from the East. First round was a 4 minute maximum which was achieved by most of the competitors with the models drifting no more than 400 meters. The exception was Alex Andriukov who arrived late in the round and DT’d into a tree along the road bordering the field to the north. (His model was successfully retrieved on Monday btw).

3 minute maxes was decided for the remaining rounds to avoid any trees or trips to the potato field to the West. Drift was very light and most flights didn’t fly further than a few hundred meters.
There were some nice flights with multiple F1B and F1A models circling overhead above the flight line in rounds 3 and 4.
Dima Silin elected to fly F1G on Sunday to give Geralyn Jones some competition. Unfortunately, Dima had a problem in round 4 with the model DTing early for only 48 seconds. Geralyn flew extremely well and maxed out. The gentle drift meant that Geralyn could take her dog Maddie with her!

Klim Stepanenko (Estonia Jr) had some excellent flights that I saw, and only a 7 second drop in the first round prevented his participation in the flyoff. Klim looks like he will be a force in F1A in the near future! I’m sure his father is very proud!

Our American friends made the trip up north again this year. We are always very happy to see them!
In F1A 3 made the fly off. The competitors preferred to complete the fly off as soon as possible after the last round with a 6 minute max. Conditions were overcast with light drift from the South. At noon all 3 started towing. None of them found any useful air and the winner was Andrew Barron (235 sec), with Vidas Nikolajevas 2nd (230 sec) and Risto Puhakka 3rd (225 sec). Congratulations!

F1B had 6 from 7 in the flyoff with Greg Simon experiencing a DT failure that gave him only 71 seconds in round 3. It was decided to postpone the F1B flyoff until 8 pm when the conditions should be stable and calm. We gathered on the South side of the field at 7 pm and prepared for the flyoff. The flyoff started at 8 pm with a 10 minute maximum. The drift appeared to be light but was stronger aloft and 6 from the 6 appeared to be either in or over the trees on the North side of the field.
Alex Andriukov flew over the trees and landed in a crop field. Ladi Horak landed just in front of the trees. The rest of the models were in trees of various height. Charlie Jones was 1st (399 sec), Ron Felix 2nd (386 sec) and Alex Andriukov 3rd (379 sec). Ladi Horak has a local Arborist who has climbed the local trees in the past and retrieved models. We convened on Monday with Ivan MacKenzie (brother of Patrick, Cdn F1B team member with a model in the trees) and several sets of long poles. Ivan was able to successfully retrieve all but Patrick’s model from the trees without any damage. The tree climber retrieved Patrick’s model also without any damage. So all models were down safe and sound! Thank you Ivan and thank you Ladi for organizing the retrieval efforts.

The weather gods smiled on us again this year and I look forward to seeing our Free Flight friends again next year to fly on our wonderful field.

Tony Mathews CD

Score sheet F1A Huron Cup 2023

Pos Competitor Name: CountryTime (secs)
Fl 1 Fl 2 Fl 3 Fl 4 Fl 5 Flyofftotal
1 Andrew Baron, USA 240 180 180 180 180 235 1195
2 Vidas Nikolajevas CAN 240 180 180 180 180 230 1190
3 Risto Puhakka USA 240 180 180 180 180 225 1185
4 Klim Stepanenko jr EST 233 180 180 180 180 953
4 Jama Danier, CAN 240 180 180 180 173 953
5 Leslie Farkas CAN 240 149 180 180 180 929
6 Peter Barron, USA 220 180 180 166 180 926
7 Peter Allnutt CAN 22 169 86 83 70 430

Score sheet F1B Huron Cup 2023

Pos Competitor Name: CountryTime (secs)
Fl 1 Fl 2 Fl3 Fl 4 Fl 5 Flyofftotal
1 Charlie Jones USA 240 180 180 180 180 399 1359
2 Ron Felix, USA 240 180 180 180 180 386 1346
3 Alex Andriukov USA 240 180 180 180 180 379 1339
4 Patrick MacKenzie CAN 240 180 180 180 180 352 1312
5 Tony Mathews CAN 240 180 180 180 180 345 1305
6 Ladi Horak CAN 240 180 180 180 180 960
7 Greg Simon USA 240 180 71 180 180 851

Score sheet F1C Huron Cup 2023

Pos Competitor Name: CountryTime (secs)
Fl 1 Fl 2 Fl 3 Fl 4 Fl 5 total
1 Yury Shvedenkov CAN 240 180 180 180 180, 960

Pos Competitor Name: CountryTime (secs)
F1G Fl 1 Fl 2 Fl 3 Fl 4 Fl 5 total
1 Geralyn Jones USA 120 120 120 120 120 600
2 Dima Silin CAN 120 120 120 48 120 528

1 Aram Schlossberg USA 180 180 180 180 180 900

NFFS is looking for rubber for the USA Junior Indoor Team!
From: David Lindley

As we begin preparations for the 2024 Indoor World Championships, we are looking for any stashes of certain batches of Tan II rubber that people may have stowed away to support our Junior team. If you are in possession of any of the following batches of Tan II rubber, please contact Dave Lindley ( directly. These batches tend to be better for Indoor than Outdoor, so we are hoping some of our outdoor friends might be hanging onto a stash “just in case” or some made up F1B motors that never got used. We would love any donations or we can work out a trade for newer Super Sport if you prefer. We are just looking to get some of the best indoor rubber we can for our Juniors to compete with!

Batches we are interested in:


David Lindley
NFFS President
Instagram: @Free_Flight_Digest
Facebook: @freeflightdigest
TikTok: @freeflightdigest