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  1. Electronic devices pre-order for World Champs

Electronic devices pre-order for World Champs

from: All-Tee
The World Champs will be held in little over a month. I will prepare a batch of All-Tee altimeters and ‘Clino’ angle measurement devices (for accurately measuring wing and stab angles, decalage, warping etc).
Should you be interested, you can place a pre-order by sending an email to or contact me through Facebook Messenger. You can also request further information via these contact details.
Price of an All-Tee (Android only) is 70 Euro.
Price of a set of Clino’s (compatible with Android and Apple iOS through the Gorskiy -Favionics FX12 app) is 190 Euro (or 95 for a single, although you lose some ergonomic advantages).
Regards, Allard