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  1. Champs Flyoff timing.
  2. Dick Wood thermal detector info needed

Champs Flyoff timing

From: Richard Nouvian
As every sportwomen/men involved in the FAI free flight know, we have a world championship, a European junior championship and three World Cup competitions coming in the first fortnight of August in France.

As off today 42 countries will be represented and we are actively working for these competitions to be a great feast of FAI free flight.

The focus we’d like to make is about time keeping.

In bulletin No1 already published it is requested that the teams have to mandatorily provide a timekeeper for each of their team member qualified for a flyoff.

Beyond this we are trying to enroll a team of timekeepers who have previous timekeeping experience.
It came to our mind that a lot of people who will travel to France have that experience.

So the people who will attend as supporters to their team are welcome to be members of the timekeeper team.
The link to enroll is:
They are 5 days of competition Monday August 14 through to Friday 18. The possibility is to volunteer for one or more days.
The goodies associated with the job are detailed in this link:

Questions related to this message can be sent  to me:

See you in Moncontour!

Richard Nouvian

Dick Wood thermal detector info needed

FromDick Ivers

Hi Roger,
I am writing this inquiry on behalf of a fellow member of the Brooklyn Skyscrapers club.

The subject is a search for replacement parts for the well-known Dick Wood thermal detector. The unit in question is quite old but has been working well up until now. The multimeter testing we have done seems to indicate that the thermistor sensor at the top of the pole is bad. We would like to purchase and try a new thermistor. However, the present part has no markings.  Is there anyone in free flight land who has experienced the same problem and can identify the part or a suitable substitute?

A secondary issue is the cable leading to the thermistor. We would like to replace that as well but at a lower priority

Best regards,
Dick Ivers
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Roger Morrell