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Hatschek-Annual Challenge + Lacey-Kerr Wawaywanda NY  May 20-21 2023

By: Aram Schlosberg
Saturday was drizzily and rainy the whole day except early in the morning. Sunday was supposed to be windy but it was calm until about 10 am. and then the wind across the field picked up in vengeance.

We added the Lacey-Kerr contest on Saturday May 20 so that people could fly two American Cups over a weekend. The A fliers included Jama Danier from Canada. The first round had a 4 minute max and the extra time up to 2 minutes would count if the flier maxed out. On Sunday they were Joined by Gene Ulm, who drove over from Rhode Island. Some of the launches were spectacular.

On Saturday evening we held a club dinner at a local restaurant a few miles to the south of the field.

Jerry Gross flew an antique B model solo on both days. Yuda Avla’s last S flight was into a gigantic thermal, landing way beyond the river to the east. A chase on a golf cart with Andrew Barron eventually found the model.

Kerr-Lacey  May 20, 2023 Wawaywanda NY
                    1   2   3   4   5    Total
A     Danier Jama   240 180 180 180 180 120 1080
A     Barron Andrew 240 180 180 180 180  71 1031
A     Barron Peter  240 180 180 180 180  60 1020
B     Gross Jerry    87  95  64  74  88      408
Q     Schlosberg Ara180 180 180 180 180      900

Hatschek-International  May 20-21, 2023Total
1   2   3   4   5
A     Danier Jama   240 180 180 180 143 923
A     Barron Andrew 118 180 180 180 175 833
A     Barron Peter  135 180 155 180 123 773
A     Ulm Gene      212 180 180   0  34 606
B     Gross Jerry    36  55  45  83  76 295
G     Rousseau Don   99 120 120 120 120 579
G     Gross Jerry    50  44  60  75  61 290
P     Roundsaville Dave                DNF
Q     Schlosberg, Ar180 180 180 146 180 866
S     Avla Yuda     120  53 120  58 120 471

AMA events               Total
A elecHooke Drake   120 120 120 360
B-elecHooke Drake   120 120 116 356
Cat GlPelatowski Lar 32  36  73 141
E36   Schultz Ben   120 120 120 360
E36   Hooke Drake   120 120 116 356
HLG   Schultz Ben    17  23  30  70
HLG   Pelatowski Lar 40   6   8  54

Casino Cup

The Casino Cup is upcoming June 16-17-18 in West Wendover NV. The F1E event will be held on Sunday the 18th. This contest is held in a vast, scenic area just 9 miles from all of the available accommodations of Wendover, making it the Monte Carlo of Free Flight. Camping is permitted on the field. Contact Jack Murphy at 801-550-9128
Jack Murphy

Chatting with …

I was with some friends or my aged  and was surprised when 2 or 3 said that they had used the Chat_GPT that has been mention the press.  I also got an email question about programming a Black magic timer.  So I decided that I could not be out done by these other geezers so went to Chat_GPT and asked the question below.  As a side comment there was a warning issued which said that (this version of) Chat_GPT would not take into account World event since some date in 2019. I’m not sure if that just meant major news or political items or any info since 2019.  But back to the magic

Question –
How do I program a black magic electronic timer in a F1A free flight model airplane

Programming a specific electronic timer for a model airplane requires detailed instructions that may vary depending on the specific timer you have. Since I don’t have the exact details of the Black Magic electronic timer or the F1A free flight model airplane, I can provide you with general guidance on programming electronic timers for model airplanes.

1. Read the Manual: Locate the instruction manual that came with the Black Magic electronic timer. The manual will provide specific programming instructions and guidelines tailored to your timer.

2. Mode Selection: Determine the mode you want to use on the timer. Modes can include countdown, count-up, or various other options. Refer to the manual to understand the available modes and select the appropriate one.

3. Time Settings: Set the desired time for your flight. Depending on the timer, you may have options for minutes and seconds or other specific time intervals. Follow the manual’s instructions to input the desired time values.

4. Function Settings: Determine if there are any additional functions or settings you need to configure, such as delays, beeps, or specific triggers. These settings may vary depending on your timer model, so consult the manual for guidance.

5. Test and Adjust: Once you have programmed the timer, it’s important to conduct tests to ensure it functions as intended. Run some trial flights and observe the behavior of the timer. Make any necessary adjustments to the programming based on your observations.

6. Remember to always refer to the specific manual for your timer model, as it will provide the most accurate and detailed instructions.

I see that Chat_GPT needs some updating as he/she/they/it did not use the “standard” Tech Customer Support acronym RTFM – Read The Friendly Manual, but did indeed convey that message.