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NFFS Update

Complete update of the NFFS Website at
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From Mike McKeever
here are the results of the SCAT MINI MAKEUP at San Valeers Friday April 14.
A very good day of weather on a still green if not now too tall grass field.  Roads were all fine and we were set up about 1/2 way to the “far road”.  The San Valeers including Mike Thompson and Guy Menanno had set up the FAI area that was to be used the next day so we took advantage of that set up. Flying started at the published time of 1 PM with one hour rounds. As it turned out only the F1G event had multiple max outs and due to some late afternoon wind the fly off was flown at 7 AM on Saturday.

Everyone was fairly happy with the tall grass except maybe Blake Jensen who was the only flyer in F1H.  He did max out so it wasn’t impossible for the circle towers or in this case, tower.

F1H 1 flyer
1-Blake Jensen with 5 round max out for 600 seconds.

F1G 6 flyers
1-Jerry Fitch got his max out plus 271 seconds in the flight to the ground Saturday morning in very calm conditions.
2-Walt Ghio maxed out plus 264 seconds.
3-Matt Kruse a new comer to F1G flying a non-factory self built coup (now known as vintage coup) got a max out plus 100 seconds.
4-Mike Pykelny-589 seconds.
5-Tiffaney O’Dell-494 seconds.
6-Peter Brocks-461 seconds.

F1J 3 flyers
1-Darrell Perkins and his first win ever in F1J with a max out.
2-Mike McKeever dropped the 5th round for 562 seconds.
3-Glenn Schneider hit my trailer in the second round and while no damage to the trailer his “football 320” was unable to continue for 207 seconds.

F1S 3 flyers
1-Larry Norvall with max out and 600 seconds flying his very fast Satellite.
2-Ben Tarcher dropped 3 seconds behind the cars for 593 seconds.
3-Clint brooks dropped first round for 572 seconds.

I handed out the trophies retrieved from the shed including the perpetual cups for F1G, F1H, and F1J/S (we probably should get another cup for F1S as both Larry and Daryl will engrave their names on the J/S Cup).  In summary a good day of weather which continued through the San Valeers contest.

San Valeers FAI Winners flash:

F1A-Mike McKeever
F1B-Jerry Fitch
F1C-No flyers
F1Q-Ben Tarcher
F1G-Jerry Fitch
F1H-Blake Jensen
F1J-Mike McKeever
F1S-Clint Brooks