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Days Inn Modellers rate Update

From: Mike Pykelny
Days Inn, 14684 Aloma Street, Lost Hills, California  93249

New rates effective March 2023 to July 1, 2023 with Harry the property owner at the Days Inn, Lost Hills, Ca.

Single Rate  (1 Bed)  Second Floor      $89.99
Single Rate  (1 Bed)  First Floor            $99.99

Double Rate (2 Beds) Second Floor   $109.99
Double Rate (2 Beds) First Floor        $119.99
Continental Breakfast included (really nice)

Call the front desk at 661-797-2371, ask for the “Model Airplane Special Rate” per Harry property owner.  DO NOT use the internet.  These rates are only offered to us at the front desk.

Michael Pykelny and Linda Piazza
San Diego Orbiteers

CIAM Meetings

As reported by Ian Kaynes in FFM

Following the Free Flight Technical Meeting (FFTM) reported in the March FFn, the CIAM process has completed with the General Rules technical meeting on Marc11, the delegates voting on the proposals on March 30 and 31 and a Bureau meeting and the Plenary meeting both held on April 1 (no joke having both meetings on that same day). Final remote voting on awards and championship venues took place on April 2.

The Bureau meeting discussed that the FAI are changing their accounts to be in Swiss Francs only. This means that for Championships the registration fees and purchase of medals and for open international events the registration fee will now be required in Swiss francs instead of Euro. Since the two currencies are close to the same value, the CIAM forms will be changed to show CHF instead of Euro without changing the numbers. Outward facing costs, such as competition entry fees, can still be quoted in Euros or indeed a local currency.

The two meetings and voting did not really change anything from that reported from the FFTM, so here I will just summarise the changes and give the delegate votes:

The Bureau proposal to change the competition registration fees and including a €10 charge on all championship competitors and team managers was approved (25 for, 4 against).

The change to World Cup rules to require at least 4 competitors in each competition was passed (23 for, none against), but note that for free flight an amendment to the FF World Rules will negate the effect of this change.

The F1 Subcommittee proposal to recognize F1Q as a Championship class was accepted (27 for, none against). This will become effective in January 2024 but whether it will be adopted for the 2024 European Championships is unknown but unlikely given that the event is already at the planning stage without it.

The FFSC proposal to use F1Q for Junior Championships instead of F1P had been withdrawn at FFTM.

The Bureau proposal to award championship medals to females only if there at least 6 participants was accepted (27 for, 3 against).

The FFSC proposals to have championships results shown in finishing order and to mark containers used for fuel were both accepted unanimously.

The Free Flight section changes all followed the decisions made at FFTM as follows.

The proposal for renumbering the F1 volume of the Sporting Code was accepted (26 for, none against). At the Bureau meeting there was some discussion about applying this to the other technical volumes, with the comment that they all needed renumbering but in a consistent way and questioning if the F1 proposal worked for all other volumes.

The change emphasizing the need for two timekeepers was approved (26 for, 1 against)

The USA proposal for increasing the duration of the F1B flyoff rounds had been withdrawn at FFTM

The FFSC proposal requiring RDT to be available on an F1C model from the time it was refuelled was passed (24 for, 1 against) and will be effective January 2025. The two similar German proposals had been withdrawn at FFTM. The USA had proposed to reinforce the builder of the model rules for the indoor classes. The original F1D proposal had been changed at FFTM to allow pre-built variable pitch props. The modified F1D change was passed (24 for, 1 against). The proposals for the other indoor classes were passed by a similar margin, with a single vote against each one. These proposals also included minor amendments according to features allowed or excluded in the other class rules.

The FFSC proposal on knowledge of the maximum in F1E timing was passed (26 for and none against), with a similar French proposal having been withdrawn at FFTM.

The USA proposal to modify the rules for F1S (=E36) to specify 2S Lipo batteries and a 7 second run were accepted (22 for, 1 against).

The two FFSC proposals on the F1 World Cup were accepted with no votes against. This includes the amendment to award points without a minimum number of competitors required, serving to negate the general rule change.

Unless stated otherwise, all the changes above will be included in the next Sporting Code which will be effective from January 2024.


For F1E the 2024 European Championships and the 2025 World Championships have been awarded to the Czech Republic. Dates have not yet been defined any more closely than “August” for both events.

The 2025 European Junior Championships F1ABP have been awarded to Romania with provisional dates of July 9 to 15. There have been no bids for the Indoor World Championships in 2024 nor the European Championships in 2025.

Bids for the 2025 F1ABCQ World Championships were received from Mongolia and Romania. Mongolia had bid in 2023 but that was negated by the decision to award the 2023 event to France in place of their event awarded for 2021 but cancelled because of covid. Mongolia and Romania made submissions which emphasized their past performances running championships with Mongolia correctly flagging up the high quality of their 2015 event. . Remote voting was made for delegates to decide the venue of championships and the Alphonse Penaud award. The results gave 16 votes for Romania and 14 for Mongolia with 2 abstentions and 7 countries not voting. This gives the event to Romania who had also previously been awarded the 2024 F1ABC European Championships and at this meeting the 2025 Junior European Championship F1ABP.

Dudes 2023

Top Dudes for Fab Feb 2023

F1A Per  Findahl

F1A Jnr Geva Malizki

F1B Yuval Sarig

F1B Jnr Ittai Kohavi

F1C Faust Parker

F1Q Shmuel Cohen-Sitton

F1E Eugeny Gorban

F1H Per Findahl

F1G Tiffaney Odell

F1J Faust Parker

F1S Jack Murphy

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