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  2. Rescheduled 2023 SCAT Annual FAI Mini Events
  3. San Valeers Annual

2023 SCAT Annual Report

As a young modeler, I learned that 1/2 of an A is better than no A at all. So went the 2023 SCAT Annual. I had been watching the weather report carefully for 2 weeks prior and it looked that the Mar 19-19 weekend would be dry. The forecast looked good for the drive from Texas until Weds heading down the Hwy 58 grade from Tehachapi when I hit moderate rain. It was limited to the mountain area. I then drove on to LH in dry conditions arriving in the late afternoon. The road looked mud rutted but headed in driving my SUV then decided about 100 feet in that I was not going to make it. I was able to back out. Stopped at Holloway Gypsum and talked to Renaldo— said it would be 3 days before passable by car. I left a message with Matt the manager. He called me that night and said he’d have his bulldoze clear the road. The next day, Thursday, I went to check the entrance road (at the two pillars) and posted a picture on Face Book of the bulldozer pushing mounts of mud. Mike Mckeever said I likely scared off many with the photo.  Walt Ghio called and said he was at the north end of the field and had driven in 100 yards before the road got too muddy and was test flying. I went and checked out the road 300 yards north of where we often fly.  Later that day Walt, Brian V with 5th wheel, Daryl P with trailer and I in the Loaf took the road in west and then cut across the grass on to the central flying area. Weather was great so we all tested. The next morning the entrance road still looked lumpy and muddy– couple more came in the northern way.  Friday mid-morning Larry Norval came in the two-pillar field road with no problem and not much mud in his truck. So all looked good for a good contest.

Saturday was wonderful. 8 in F1A, 8 in F1B, 3 in F1Q. Also had Tim Batiuk for HLG and Art Chmieleski for P30. Tim was also there to help our new F1A flyer Daniel Gou. The 5th and 6th rounds were tougher. In the second half of the 5th the round had 6-8 mph wind. Then the wind subsided halfway thru the 6th round so depending on when you flew could have a significant impact.

Brian Van Nest was the only clean flyer in F1A but he did earn it—- his high-pressure moment was he could not find his 6th round model and had to come back from the search, assemble a model. Like team member he is, he maxed the last flight for the win. Enes later found Brian’s model.

Four maxed out in F1B. They had near perfect conditions for the FO. Three made the 6-minute flight. Jerry Fitch bested Mike Davis and Blake Jensen for the win.

Tim and Daniel got in their HLG flights and Art C his P30.

Awards were handed out and the hope for another great day were held.  Well, the light rain forecast for early Sunday morning was off- if rained heavily starting Saturday night. At 5 am Sunday, Jim Farmer came to get his motorcycle and he reported be just made it.  The four of us in RV’s decided we had to get off the field before we were mudded in. All made it off with Mike Mc having to give Brian V a pull to get rolling. All the other flyers were able to get their equipment and get off the field. And so, Sunday’s contest events were cancelled.

I stayed Sunday, parked in the north area off Holloway Road on solid ground. It rained on and off with winds 7-12 mph. Monday morning the light rain stopped and at 10 am the wind calmed down. I took my glider and equipment via motorcycle to the flying field and test flew. On a longer flight recovery at 1:00 pm with the wind sifting to SE, I went to the two-pillar entrance road, and it had dried out enough that I was able to moved the Loaf on to the field. My daughter joined me in our RV. I flew until dark. Rain forecast that night, so we moved the Loaf off the field to it’s storage area in town. Rain indeed and wind so no test flying for me on Tues. As a side note, on our way home, on Tuesday my daughter went to downtown LA for the Lion King show. At 11 pm leaving LA on I10, we drove in the heaviest rain I’ve ever been it— I thought Texas thunderstorms were bad. It did clean the bottom of the car of all the LH mud.

    2023 SCAT Annual, Lost Hills, CA
CD: Jim Parker

1    B. Van Nest   240 180 180 180 180 180 180        1320
2    E.Pecenkovic  240 180 174 180 180 180 180        1314
3    Jim Parker    240 180 180 180 180 170 180        1310
4    Ken Bauer     240 180 180 180 180 180 165        1305
5    Jim Farmer    240 180 164 180 163 167 115        1209
6    Daniel Guo    181 180 139 180 107 180 180        1147
7    Gene Ulm      240 180 180 177 180  26 141        1124
8    M.McKeever    24  160 180 180 180   0  80         904

1    Jerry Fitch   240 180 180 180 180 180 180 360 428 2108
2    Mike Davis    240 180 180 180 180 180 180 360 363 2043
3    Blake Jensen  240 180 180 180 180 180 180 360 354 2034
4    Larry Norval  240 180 180 180 180 180 180 322     1642
5    A. Andriukov  240 180 180 180 180 176 180         1316
6    Bill Booth    240 180 180 180 180 165 180         1305
7    Daryl Perkins 240 180 180 162 180 180 180         1302
8    Walt Ghio     196 180 180 180 180 180 180         1276

1    M. Richardson   240 180 180 180 180 180 180 310 1630
2    Clint Brooks    240 180 180 180 180 180 180 218 1538
3    Ben Tarcher     240  94 180 180 180 180  9      1063

1    Art Chmielewski    120    120    120    150                    510

HLG    120
1    Tim Batiuk    120    76    120    96    76    89                336
2    Daniel  84    69    120     36    84    46                      288


Rescheduled 2023 SCAT Annual FAI Mini Events

From : Jim Parker
The SCAT Annual 2023 March 19, Sunday, was cancelled due to field access issues (mud) per earlier SEN. The FAI Mini Events have been rescheduled. This has been rescheduled with the San Val cub to be flown on Friday, April 14, 2023, during their SanVal Annual. The SCAT mini-events will start at 1:00 pm.  5, one-hour rounds. FO to follow. You need not have entered at the March SCAT contest, all welcome to come and fly. $10 entry.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies for  F1J,H,G and S. Perpetual trophies for F1H, G and J-S combined.  The highest score of J or S gets the shared trophy. This will be valid for AmCup points.
Mike Mckveer will CD.

According to Lost Hills Web Site

April 13,14,15, & 16th 2023 – LOST HILLS, CA.


All AMA and Nostalgia events may be flown any day. Finish clean on all flights can continue the next day. Thursday-Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm Sunday 8:00am to 3:00 pm.

1/2A GAS
D GAS (includes Super D)
1/2A Golden Age
P-30, HLG, & Catapult
1/2A Nostalgia
A Nostalgia
B Nostalgia
C Nostalgia
Small Rubber Stick & fuselage combined
Large Rubber stick & fuselage Combined
Nostalgia rubber
Texaco Combined

1st Round at 8am, F1A, B, C, P, Q 240 secs. All other rounds 180 secs. Flyoff begins at 4:00pm

F1G – F1H – F1S – F1J SUNDAY 8 AM TO 11:45 Tie breaker flyoff to the ground 7:30 to 8:00 am.
Standard (5 rounds 45 minutes long starting at 8:00 am, 120 sec maxes) 2 FO flights starting at 1:00
pm. If tied after 5 flights and 2 FO flights then tie breaker flight determines winner.

VINTAGE Wakefield
THURSDAY 8:00 am-1:00pm (5 1hr rounds) All flights 180 secs flyoff at 2:00pm

FRIDAY 8:00 am-1:00pm (5 1hr rounds) All flights 180 secs flyoff at 2:00pm

HUNTER MEMORIAL SUNDAY MORNING(weather permitting)-Sponsored by Mike Thompson
RULES: Any gas free flight airplane. 11 second VTO, 9 second H.L. Highest single flight
time (no max) Starts Sunday at sunrise with 1 hr window (start time announced). Entry fee
($1.00 per flight)

**NOSTALGIA per latest rulebook except motor runs which shall be 10 sec HL, 13 sec VTO
for 1st 3 flights, 7sec HL & 9 secs VTO on flight 4 and all additional flyoff flights.

1/2A GOLDEN AGE 1/2 A Models from 1957 to 1969 Engines:TD OR HH .049/.051, motor
runs same as Nostalgia

MERCHANDISE AWARDS (engines, kits, fuel, wood, $$$, etc)( requires 3 contestants min)
***Raffle PrizeTBD” donated by TBD (1 ticket for each event entered, or $3 ea, or $5 for 2, or $10 for 5)***

AMA/NOST CD: Terry Thorkildsen (805) 495-6135 ALT CD Frank Menanno (719) 271-5232

FAI CD: Mike Thompson (805) 404-6173

AMA & Nostalgia: 1ST event: $10.00, Additional events: $5.00 per event or $35 unlimited
entry, JRS FREE, FAI events: 1st event $20 and additional events $10.