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  1. Foremost Timer help
  2. SCAT Annual Next Week- Mar. 18, 19

Foremost Timer help

From:John Lorbiecki
I got a few  5 function E-timers by Fourmost Products- anyone have any info on them? Tnx
John Lorbiecki

SCAT Annual Next Week- Mar. 18, 19

From:  Jim Parker
It was that California was to disappear via an earthquake. Now listening to the news from afar you’d think the state would disappear via one big mudslide into the Pacific Ocean.  I’ve been tracking Lost Hills weather for the last two weeks using WeatherUnderground, the hour-by-hour report.  As of Monday (4/13) afternoon the L.H. forecast is, rain .30 inch, on Tues (4/14) stopping Weds 1 am. Then there is a low chance of showers 5-10% with 0.00 inch of rain though Monday (4/20) with the exception of possible rain shower Sunday early (1-3 am) of 35% with .03 inch.

Temps of morning lows in the mid-50s to the afternoon highs in the mid-60s with light and variable winds (3-7 mph) will make for some great flying competition. Much like Fab Feb with warmer mornings.

I’m leaving Texas Tuesday and look to have a dry drive via I40- Hwy 58- I5- Hwy 46 to Lost Hills. I will assess the LH dirt road conditions Thursday morning and put out a SEN message.  If anyone has any onsite info on the field and dirt road conditions, please let me know <>.

Jim Parker