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  1. Fantham’s Feb Feb Fotos
  2. STEM Classs 101 ?
  3. F1S & F1Q vs. Class A Gas

Fantham’s Feb Feb Fotos

We just a new set of photos from Mike Fantham.  For those who were notborn then or don’t remember  Mike was F1A World Champs in 1993, the first Lost Hills World Championship.  This year we missed some of our regular photographers: Malcom Campbell, Tom Faith and Brian Furutani.  We did get some good photos on Facebook. One advantage of those on Flickr, like Mike’s is that you can go back and find them, the ones on FB can be some what ephemeral.


STEM Classs 101 ?

From:Jerry Fitch
FFelectronics (Sidus, Pyxis etc) and All-Tee Updates
There is an occasional need for the firmware to be updated in our Pyxis GPS
and perhaps other FFelectronics devices as well.  This can be done by
sending items back to Europe, but is risky and expensive.  The need also
exists with the AllTees.  The updates can be sent here electronically, but
there needs to be a party or parties with a prom burner (I think that’s it)
to carry out the firmware change, on whatever terms will create an
incentive to do this.  This could self-organize, just by posting here and
contacting Massimo Urcisino and maybe others for the relevant files.  It
would make a lot more sense than shipping hardware overseas 2 ways.

With all the electronics we use now, this could be a growth industry.

Editor’s Comment
Well I decided not to explain in detail because there are a large number of issues and I have written too much recently.  But the simplest solution is to buy electronic gadgets from a supplier who lets you do in the field firmware updates or one that has a history of not needing to do them.


F1S & F1Q vs. Class A Gas

From:gilbert morris
I suspect that most past F1C flyers came up flying Class A and B ignition
engines: now flown 12 sec. engine run, 2 minute max. These gas engines are
readily available at rock bottom prices. Fly Class A gas! What better place to start?

Gil Morris