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  1. How many Ps ?
  2. Looking for Carbon Spread Tow
  3. Where to with Junior Power

How many Ps ?

From: Sasha and Artem Babenko
We have a request for you to post information about the F1P models, father starts to produce a new line of F1P models and is trying to understand how many customers approximately there will be for this model. since the war continues in Ukraine and it is difficult to produce motors ,as they are produced in Kharkov, I ask you to contact our sportsmen through  SEN and ask a question who plans to purchase F1P models.


Looking for Carbon Spread Tow

From:Michael Achterberg
Looking for 15gr/m2 or 20gr/m2 carbon spreadtow…+45- 45. Believe Carboweave is the main producer. Hoping that somebody in US might want to sell 1/2 of sq meter..Thank you.Michael Achterberg

Michael Achterberg <>:


Where to with Junior Power

The participation in F1P has fallen off and there was a proposal to replace F1P with F1Q at the Junior World champs.  This was greeted with such an outcry that the FFTSC are investigating further.

Some did not like the choice of Q and suggested F1S.  Other said S was too hard and proposed a restricted Q.  Others lamented the end of an internal combustion engine powered class with some suggesting going back to F1J or a restricted F1C.

It seems that it is up to the F1C guys to come up with a workable i.c. solution and get people to take part if they want to keep i.c. engines there. . There is probably nothing especially bad about F1P, but the motor head guys have not been successful at recruiting new followers to fly it.

There is no question that while F1S might be hard, but it was a young person who suggested it and  who is a coach to Juniors. It is cheaper and easier to transport (except for the batteries ) than other alternatives.

Whatever we do, we need to try it with the interested parties, coaches, junior fliers, their parents as well as the administrators and leadership before making a big decision.