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  1. Jouletest
  2. F1A/B/C Team Raffle. Please Go Now and Purchase Tickets Online
  3. SCAT Annual



Hello Roger,
please inform the competition CO that I bring the test device for the Jouletest,  which we used on the EUROFLY end of October in Switzerland with me. All who wants to know there correct Joule amount can have a test. Importend to do that is, that the models are equipt as in the F1Q rules mentioned.
( The start switch of the modell must have a parallel connection to the start switch of the timer ) If a modell have this not, it is not conform with F1Q rules !!
I recomment at least, to make tests before and after a Fly Off to avoid bad conservations about the results, as we had on the EUROFLY 2021. Ian Kaynes was on both competitions there and is well informend about the problems.
With the test, we had no discussions this time End of Oktober 2022. Everybody was happy that all flights where correct !!
Thank you for your help and see you soon
Best Regards Dieter Paff


Items Added To The United States F1A/B/C Team Raffle. Please Go Now and Purchase Tickets Online

The quilt and other prizes can be viewed and tickets can be purchased at the NFFS online store up until Wednesday, February 15

Tickets will also be available at the Fab Feb contests in Lost Hills.
Or, email Blake Jensen directly at

This will not be a one-and-done raffle. In addition to the heirloom quilt composed from historic FF shirts by Larry and Toni Norvall, which is large enough to more than cover a Queen-size bed, you will also have a chance to win:

New-in-box Cox Tee Dee .049 engine
Chinese-made electric Free Flight model (Flies better than you’d think, but has a D.T.)
Endless October T-Shirt
Plasma cut metal Welcome sign
Oakland Cloud Dusters T-Shirt
2007 US Team Supporter T-Shirt (Ukraine)
2009 US Team Supporter Sweatshirt (Croatia)
2011 US Team Supporter T-Shirt (Argentina)

Number and Quality of Raffle donations have Spawned a Silent Auction

Thanks to the generosity of the free flight community, we have several other donated items to go up for bid in a silent auction. Please email for details and an 8 page pdf auction book describing the items up for bid. Online, emailed, or phoned-in bids will be accepted right up to the opening of the envelopes Saturday evening, February 18. The auction book will also be available for download at the NFFS website:
And, we will have printed copies for those who can attend the Fab Feb contests. The nine items up for bid will be:

Lot #0001  Schroedter Wake – Up kit, perfect for Nostalgia Wakefield.

Lot #0002  Bob Wilder 10:1 indoor winder, no longer in production and highly sought after.

Lot #0003  36″ X 24″ Al Vela oil painting, This historic work of art was graciously donated by Pierre Brun and has been in his possession for over fifty years. We do ask that whoever wins this piece of history will keep it within the modeling community.

Lot #0004. 1.0cc Cyclon engine, this one has been tuned by Doug Galbreath.

Lot #0005  Nelson .36 FF/CL engine, Slightly used but in great shape.

Lot #0006  Wall art, Sublimation printing on metal, version of Endless October supporter shirt approx 20 inches tall.

Lot #0007  Wall art, Sublimation printing on metal, version of George looks skyward supporter shirt approx 20 inches tall.

Lot #0008  Jim Dunkin’s reference book on over 1,500 2.5cc model engines. (There will also be additional copies for sale at Fab Feb, $65)

Lot #0009  Ryobi 16-inch variable speed scroll saw, complete with extra blades.

Please email Blake Jensen with any questions regarding the details.


March 18 & 19, Reserve March 20, 2023 at Lost Hills Field, CA
Sanction Event Number:  14404

FAI Events:
*Saturday, March 18: F1A, F1B, F1C, F1Q and F1P
Seven, one-hour rounds start @ 8AM, extended max times for F1ABCQ are 240 sec. except F1P all rounds are 180 sec. Flyoff times will be posted.

**Sunday, March 19: F1G, F1H, F1J and F1S
Tie Breaker flight to the ground. F1S 7:45- 7:55; F1H 8:00-8:10; F1G 8:15-8:25, F1J 8:30-8:40
Standard 5 rounds 45 minute long starting @ 9AM, 120 sec maxes.
2 FO flights starting 45 min after end of last round.  Event start times will be posted.
If tied at end of standard & 2 FO rounds, tie breaker flight will determine the winner

2021 winners: F1A- Enes Pecenkovic, F1B-Ron Felix, F1C-Guy Menanno, F1Q- Ben Tarcher, F1G-Jerry Fitch, F1H- Jim Parker, F1J+S- Brian Van Nest (S). Please shine and return perpetual trophies to the contest. [I have F1B & H trophies at LH]

AMA Cat II and Other Events, San Valeer’s Style: 
All AMA and Nostalgia events may be flown Saturday or Sunday. Finish clean on all flights on Saturday can continue Sunday. Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Sunday 8:00 am to 3 pm.
1/2A, A, B. C, D / Super D Gas, E36, 1/2A, A, B, C *Nostalgia, **1/2A Golden Age, Small Rubber Stick & fuselage combined, Large Rubber Stick & fuselage combined, Nostalgia rubber, Texaco combined, HLG, Catapult, P30, Vintage Wakefield, Vintage FAI power
*Nostalgia per rulebook except motor runs 10 sec HL and 13 sec VTO for flights 1,2,3. Flt 4 and FOs HL, 7 sec and 9 sec VTO.
**1/2A Golden Age, Models from 1957-69, engines TD or HH .049 or .051, motor run same as Nostalgia

Entry Fees: 
FAI events: FIA,B,C,G,H,J,P,Q, S ; $25 first event, $10 for second
Other events: $10 for first event, $5/each added non-FAI event
All-In Open Fee of $35 to fly your little hearts out!
AMA age Juniors:  HLG & P-30 free, All other events $5, or All-In Fee of $10

FAI Trophies awarded for 1-2-3 places
FAI Perpetual trophies for F1A,B,C,G,H,J-S combined
$100 to the top 20 Something F1ABC flyer
AMA Junior and Seniors Generic Trophies
AMA Open Split Prize $

AMA & Lost Hills Field Assn memberships is required.
FAI events run to the 20223 FAI rules except as noted.
Protests in addition to $30 requires equipment needed for measurements as needed. Q flyers to measure, calculate and monitor one another’s motor runs

Contest Director                                                      
Jim Parker
605Wills Point Dr, Allen TX, 75013