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  1. Fora and Profi in CA
  2. Too Much ?
  3. Eifel Pokal

Fora and Profi in CA

From:Hobby Club

Will appreciate if you can post the following message on SEN:
Coming soon FORA F1C engines, w/o gerbox.
Also available: PROFI .8cc & ; 1.0cc front and side venturi intake



Too Much ?

From:Steve Helmick

Just saw the AmCup final report and wondered about the F1Z class. I’m being cynical….I think there is FAR too much event proliferation. Thermals, Steve O’Bat

Editor . Am Cup is less than Nat Cup ? and it s basically 5 big models – all different and 5 little models – two similar. and who is brave enough to stop one.?

Eifel Pokal

Registration is open for 2023: