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  1. Icarex at Fab Feb
  2. Fab Feb Update
  3. Norcal Champs

Icarex at Fab Feb

From: Eitan Habba
I will bring with me to Fab Feb Japanese Icarex.

Available colors are:

Dark blue

Light blue








It is 32 g/m2

Lots of flyers use it… the shape is triangle.

Please  Orders  by email:

Eitan Habba- Israel

Fab Feb Update

First comment from the entries is that the FAI number you need is the FAI ID. It appears that various NACs are printing  the sporting license with up to 4 different numbers.  A National sporting license number, a national aeromodelling sporting license number ,a FAI License number, and the FAI ID.
As part of the Fab Feb sign up advance processing, we check the FAI ID  to avoid any unwelcome surprises when you arrive at Lost Hills.

Second is to be sure to enter in advance for the FAI events. You do not  pay until you get to Lost Hills but helps you get all your paperwork in line and you to the flight line in time.

As of now we 53 entrants for the FAI events.

For those seeing the USA weather on the TV news, it did not snow at Lost Hills but probably rained a bit so we might even have green grass in Feb


33rd Oakland Cloud Dusters

Annual Northern California Free Flight Championships

Waegell Field, Sacramento California

April 28th, 29th,30th–2023

AAA Category III AMA Sanctioned ( ) Contest An *America’s Cup and ^National Cup Contest
AMA, NFFS Nostalgia, Classic & Special Events, + SAM Rules Apply Entry Fee: One Event $20.00, Two or more Events $35.00. $5.00 discount with proof of NFFS membership for two or more events. Field Fee: 2023 “Friends of Waegell” Card Holders Free, otherwise $10.00 per contestant. Jrs. $2 per event, with no field fee.

AMA & NFFS Events are TWO Minute Maxes

Contest Directors: Bill Vanderbeek & Fred Terzian (FAI)
Participant Drawing (to all who “enter”) $600+ in Prize Money

One-Designs Half Wild Goose & Yo Ho Early Nostalgia Gas Legal

1st $45, 2nd $30, 3rd $15

Vintage FAI & Special One Design: Stalick’s “FAIMAN”
Check with Bill V. or Bob S. for Rules when published by WMC

See Latest NFFS Rules (

Registration at 8 am Vintage FAI Events on Friday April 28th 9 am to 4 pm All events can be flown (except FAI) but must be completed the same day Modern FAI Event Schedule
Saturday Events Sunday Events 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
*F1A Glider (five rounds) *F1G Coupe (five rounds) *F1B Wakefield (five rounds) *F1H Towline (five rounds) *F1C Power (five rounds) *F1J Power (five rounds) *F1P (.060 Gas Power) *F1S (Electric)
*F1Q (Electric) “Golden Age Event” All three Days!!!

EITHER DAY–All Events must be completed on the same day
^Junior P-30 Rubber Vintage Wakefield ^Junior Hand Launch Glider ^Junior 1/2A Gas
^Junior Hand Held Catapult Glider Junior A-1 Nordic Towline Classic Straight Tow Glider + “Bungee” +”He-Man” Hand Launch Glider

^Hand Held Catapult Glider ^Hand Launch Glider Old Time Hand Launch Glider OCD Catapult Glider OT Small/Large Cabin Combined OT Small/Large Stick Combo ^Small/Large Nostalgia Rubber Combined
4 Ounce Wakefield 8 Ounce Wakefield ^Mulvihill 151 to 300 sq.” Mulvihill 150 sq.” or less “Andrade” Small Mulvihill-200 sq. in.
^Moffett Rubber ^P-30 Rubber Rubber Scale
1/4A Gas ^Classic 1/2A Gas ^1/2A Gas ^Classic A-B Gas ^A-B Gas ^Classic C-D Gas
^C-D Gas All “Wock” Events ^1/4A Gas Nostalgia/.020 Replica Combined
^Early 1/2A Gas Nostalgia A-B-C Ignition Cabin OT ^1/2A Gas Nostalgia A-B-C Ignition Pylon OT ^A-B-C Gas Nostalgia Combined
^E-36 Electric
^A Electric ^B Electric
E-20 Electric Dakota Time Target

Sunday Mass Launch Events
All “Wock” & Small Old Time Rubber Events @ 9:00 am E-36 Electric @ 9:15 am
Hand Held Catapult & Hand Launch Glider combined @ 9:30 am P-30 Rubber @ 9:45 am

Barbecue Lunch, Saturday & Sunday!!! $8.00 per day

General Field Rules

  1. Flight time max for all events except F1A, B, & C is 120 seconds.
  2. Gas events will have engine runs of 4 to 11 seconds, depending on event and NCFFC rules. Fly-off engine runs (except F1C) will be determined at that time.
  3. Rubber events, except F1B & F1G will be three maxes of 120 seconds each. Fly-off flights & times will be determined by NCFFC rules.
  4. Classic Towline Glider events will use 50-meter (164 feet) towlines.
  5. Special rules will apply for Moffett, OCD Catapult, etc.
  6. He-Man Glider Rules: All wood construction (no carbon fiber, etc.) Min. weight 1.5 oz (42.5 g). Min. Span 24″. Must have a name prominently displayed on the wing. 4 attempts, best 2 count. All flights before 9:30 am—No use of thermal detecting devices—Time one, fly one.

FAI Events: One hour rounds beginning at 8 a.m. 1-1/2 hour lunch break on Saturday. Sunday at 10 a.m. FAI Mini Events will not be flown in rounds near contest headquarters. All Fly-off flights TBD, depending on drift

Contest Information:
Bill Vanderbeek         Fred Terzian
8771 Lakeside Drive         4858 Moorpark Ave.
Reno, NV 89511           San Jose, CA 95129
1-408-472-0274 (cell)    1-408-674-0464 (cell)