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  3. Winding – does it matter ?
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Rubber at Fab Feb

FAI Model Supply will be providing rubber and supplies to all those who pre-order for delivery at the FAB February Contests in Lost Hills, CA.  We have already received a number of orders at this time.

If you are interested in ordering items, we ask that you please send us an email to Please only order if you are positive you will attend.  If you order and do not pick up, we will charge you the cost of shipping the item back to our office.

We will confirm back to you with an invoice indicating your total cost from the group shipment to be collected at Lost Hills or prepaid arrangements available prior to the contest via PayPal.  Our plans are to distribute at the contest registration on Friday February 10.

We will need to receive your order by February 3  to guarantee delivery in Lost Hills.  Any order/request received after that date can not be guaranteed to be delivered at the contest.

We are expecting our next batch of rubber will be available the week of January 16.

Thank you,
Charlie & Geralyn Jones
FAI Model Supply Inc.

Other Stuff at Fab Feb

If other suppliers are planning to be at Fab Feb or want to make announcement similar to the one above from FAI Model Supply they should sent it to SEN at You need write and give all the details, just like Charlie and Geralyn did above.

Winding – does it matter ?

From : David Ackery
What goes to make up the event of F1B ?, what does the sportsman have to do to fly F1B ?.

–          It is possible buy the complete model, you don’t have to build it or have any  skills or knowledge of aerodynamics, materials, structures, fabrication, or maintenance and repairs.

–           It is possible to have an expert trim the model and fine tune it for you until it is perfect

–          It is possible to have someone prepare and choose the rubber for you

–          It is possible to have someone choose the moment of launch and find the best air for you

–          All that is required is to wind the rubber and let the model go.

I like to do for myself all those things listed above,  because for me they ALL combine to make  the event of F1B, for me.

If we were to  let someone else wind the rubber for you, what is left ?.

Hardly anything.
David Ackery

Mini Neurone news

From: Frederic Aberlenc

Dear friends
The altimeter of the MiniNeurone is now certified by the EDIC group. Thanks to Allard, Ian and Manfred for this great job.
A new App for Android or iOs is now online and fully dedicated to Free flight: NeuroTrack.
You can discover the MiniNeurone on youtube ( or on

Rubber Kerfuffle

There have been a number of articles in SEN about rubber winding, including Dave’s, above, and another we got but the author then asked us not to print it because while it written to be humorous but upon reflection the author realized it could be taken the wrong way and upset people.

The question is what to do with rubber are we talking about?

The F1B and other classes requires the flyer to wind the motor and launch the model themselves. I do not think that people really want remove this rule. As Dave points out this is key part of what flying a rubber powered model is all about.

Maybe people need to be more precise about what they want to change. Perhaps suggest Sporting Code text ?  Dave does not need to do this as his suggestion is to keep it as it is.

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Roger Morrell