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Stressed Winding  ?

Dear Alex,
The whole point of the motor winding rule is to add stress to competitors, so that the best prepared competitor with the best prepared highest performing model wins.

The time restriction replaces the demand for thinking clearly whilst undergoing physical stress in say skiing or squash.

Ultimately it provides the the winner with greater satisfaction and the runner up a good excuse in the bar afterwards and/or an explanation to one’s partner for a new model or two……..

All very logical really.
Kind regards

Editor’s Comment

There may be an issue over which winding rule
1. That the sportsman must wind their own motor
2. That they must wind the motor within the regular round time
3. That they must wind the motor within the fly off round time, this one has gone through a some changes recently. Due to confusing attempts to compensate for the reduction in flyoff round window and that F1B  winding takes longer than the roughly but not really equivalent in F1A,C or Q.
4. That the timekeeper must observe the winding of the motor and can refuse to time the model if not observed. ( this is not actually a rule but has been requires from time to time by some officials at some World Champs)
5. Anything else?