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Managing who winds

From: Teppo
Hallo! It is Team managers job to show timekeepers that contestant winds the rubber self. He takes one of them and points to timer where the winding happens.
Teppo. TM in WC 1971, 1979, 2003 and 2005 in FIN- team

Editor’s Comment
And in a non-Champs event it is both courteous and good practice for the sportsman to verify with the timekeeper that the timekeeper is available to time before winding the motor. Turning up at the flight line with a model with a wound motor looking for a timekeeper is not smart or polite.


The 2022 FAI Arizona FF Championships Report (only F1A was flown)

The weather forecast days before Dec. 3rd just had very light rain for the F1A, B, C, P, Q day. The day before the contest the forecast changed to heavy rain starting on Saturday at 11am, the contest day. We had 6 fliers in F1A from Connecticut, California and Arizona and no contestants in the other FAI events. We were very afraid of the coming rain, and started the first round earlier at 8:00am with light rain sprinkles. The whole morning it was 60°, overcast and nearly no wind movement, except for 2 rounds of wind up to 8mph. We started the next round when everybody was back from retrieval, which gave a round time of 30 minutes (the minimum round time per FAI Sporting Code). After completing 5 rounds we went directly into the 6-minutes fly-off. Enes Pecenkovic won the fly-off with an all carbon LDA, Andrew Barron in 2nd place flew a carbon flapper (he broke the towline before the release), Jennifer Donnelly was 3rd, she flew a regular long wing glider, which dt’ed at 180 seconds. All flying ended at 10:45am! The awards ceremony was short and the F1A contest was over at 11:00am. The shortest FAI contest ever – 5 rounds, fly-off, awards, all completed in 3 hours!
At 11am the rain started quickly and became a deluge, which flooded the field and also the roads in Arizona City and Eloy and lasted into Sunday. We were glad to make it out of the slippery mess just in time.
Peter Brocks, CD

December 3, 2022 at Eloy, Arizona                                    Peter Brocks, CD

        F1A                  1   2   3   4   5 F/O  Total
1    Enes Pecenkovic    180 180 180 180 180 339  1239
2    Andrew Barron      180 180 180 180 180 310  1210
3    Jennifer Donnelly  180 180 180 180 180 187  1097
4    Jasminka Pecenkovi 180 164 180 180 180       884
5    Peter Brocks       180 164 180 180 124       828
6    Risto Puhakka      106 180  22 180 180       668

F1B, C, P, Q were not flown because of forecas Sunday’s events F1G, H,
J, S had to be canceled because of flooded flying field.

Fab Feb

The contest details and online pre-entry will be available very soon

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