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My Connections
From Glider Boohmer

Dear Mr Magic,
I think I have a bad connection between my brain and the World. Can you work on fixing that?

Dear Glider
This is not my area of focus but at least you know there is a “rest of the world” and maybe some of them even know about you too? A step in the right direction.

See you and them in Feb if not before

Sporting Code section ?
From: David Ackery

Opinion is not fact
Aram is not right.

Despite his view ‘, a timer can order a flier to run down their wound-up motor if they did not observe him/her winding the motor”, there is nothing in the FAI sporting code that gives a timekeeper this authority.

Stating an opinion as fact does not make it true.
I am reminded of the argument put up by some conspiracy theorists, it goes like this,

– I saw something in the sky
– It was not a bird, or an aeroplane
– So by definition it is unidentified, it is a UFO (ie unidentified flying object)
– Therefore this is proof that UFOs exist, and the earth has been visited by little green men in their invisible spaceships.

David Ackery

Editor’s Observation

From Sporting Code
3.2.11. Launching
a) Launching is by hand, the competitor being on the ground (jumping allowed).
b) Each competitor must wind his motor and launch the model himself.
c) The model must be launched within approximately 5 m from the starting pole position.
d) Additional heat may not be applied to the motor.

I seem to remember at a World Champs the timekeepers refusing to time a flight because they did not see the motor being wound, not mine , my Team Manager had that under control. That does appear to be contrary to the sporting code. And at Champs there are typically at least 2 timekeepers allocated to a pole = to a team. Typically or hopefully the Team manager would also make sure the time keepers and sports men are aligned on this . Maybe some organizers make a “local rule” ? Disputing this on the flight line at a World Champs would consume valuable round time.