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  1. F1B and more stuff for sale
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F1B and more stuff for sale

From: Sevak M

F1B For Sale:
-Mechanical F1B (Gorban fuselage and hub) $550
( set up for Immediate prop release, and covered in icarex)

-Andriukov 30mm Variable Pitch Hub (used) $300
(serviced and cleaned)

– Pim Ruyter Tracker with 7 Batteries $120
For pictures, inquiries, Or questions please feel free to reach out.


Aram Schlosberg

In B contests with POLES, during the REGULAR rounds, a timer can order a flier to run down their wound-up motor if they did not observe him/her winding the motor. (In flyoffs, every flier has dedicated timers focused on him and this is not an issue).
In B, a flier is supposed to wind, load, add hand turns and launch their model. In fact, it’s stated twice in the sporting code:
“The competitor must wind his rubber motor and launch his model during the round for the official flight, including attempts and repeated attempts.” (3.2.3 b) and “Each competitor must wind his motor and launch the model himself.” (3.2.11 b)
I am unaware of a switched winding case and would be surprised if one had occurred in a contest. We have all internalized and accepted the self-winding concept.
So, if a timer does not see you winding and says “I’m not timing you because I did not observe you winding,” their underlying premise is that you are cheating.
But cheating must be proven by the accuser. One must be caught speeding, stealing, using an overweight motor or an underweight model. The universal premise is that one is innocent until proven guilty. In the winding case, a timer can refuse to time you only if they observe someone else winding the model’s motor.
Fortunately, no rule change is required. A timer can refuse to time a flight only if they or an official observed switched winding.
Two corollaries. First, Contestants, timers and CDs will need to become aware that switched winding must always be observed. Second, the ability to start winding just before the completion of an official flight by the previous flier on the pole. ///

Q-Man talks with Mr Magic

Q-man:  Mr Magic I have a problem with my latest F1Q , I’m using Motor from A, an ESC with BEC from B and an Energy Limiter From C and a Magic Q timer.  The EL is not stopping the motor when it should. Maybe the timer is not getting the signal. Can you give me a wiring diagram  ?

Mr Magic: I can’t do a wiring diagram for  2 devices – the EL and ESC that I do not know anything about or the layout of the connections. Even the Motor is a little borderline.

But there is a requirement that the timer, RDT, EL and ESC have a common ground and that the ESC had a battery elimination circuit that supplies power to the timer and EL.  This is because the way EL and RDT signal the timer  is by pulling the signal pins on the timer to ground. All the input signal pins on a Magic timer Start, Hook forward and unlatch, RDT and EL have a “weak pull up” , this means that are connected internally inside the MCU to a positive power source through a built-in high value resistor. In the steady state this makes signal look high. When the Start button is pressed or the RDT or EL signal the timer that pin is connected to ground making the signal look low.  The timer detects that and carries out the appropriate action. For this to work all components must have a common ground. So that would be the first thing to check.

In the case of “normal” model i.e. non-Q  all the parts are powered by the same battery so will have the  common ground.  .  In the case of a Q model the wiring can be more complicated but the power source, timer, RDT and EL still must  have a common ground.

Q-man: Hmmmm

Mr Magic: While it is not going solve your immediate issue.  We , the FF community should probably figure out some standard for interconnecting our latest electronic control and monitoring devices that is more advanced way that the RDT ‘standard’ that Bauer, Stamov and Morrell did over 20 years a ago, but after all electrons are bad and the fact that the R/C guys and Dronies have done more or less done make it  an even “badder” idea for the FF purist.  Never the less Mr Magic would be happy to work with others on this …