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  1. Lacey -Kerr Memorial Report
  2. WarmLift at Fab Feb

Lacey -Kerr Memorial Report

From: Aram Schlosberg

Lacey -Kerr Memorial Report

The weather over November 5-6 in Wawayanda NY was worse than predicted. The corn along the west side is still standing and was the elephant in the room.

Saturday had gusts up to 12 mph but the wind dropped before sunset. Sunday was windy again. Andrew was the only one to max a 3 minute flight. The A-fliers reduced their max to 2:30 and quit after the second flight. Being the solo flier in my events I DTed my models after a minute.

We had two successful corn retrievals. The poring rain on Sunday sent those still left packing. Autumn contests can have perfect or awful weather.

Lacey – Kerr, Nov 5-6 2022
Wawayanda NY
Saturday Total
FAI G Yuda Avla 492
G John Clapp 204*
Q Schlosberg Aram 299

AMA CatGlider Pelatowski Larry 147
HLG Pelatowski Larry 101
P 30 Bill Buss 200*

FAI A Barron, Peter 260*
A Barrom, Peter 223*
A Tzvetan Tzvetkov 80*
B Schlosberg, Aram 559
S Yuda Avla 560

AMA E36 Maria Noldy 360

* indicates that not all the rounds were flown

WarmLift at Fab Feb

From: Joni Segev

I will probably come this year to the Fab Feb.

So, I can bring with me a few Warmlift system for sale.

It is better to make an early order that I will have enough time to prepare and customize.

For further information my email:

Joni Segev