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  1. 57th Rocky Mountain Free Flight Championship FAI report
  2. Len Surtees’ Aluminum Gliders at Fab Feb

57th Rocky Mountain Free Flight Championship FAI report

Denver, Colorado
3 – 5 September 22
Twenty contestants plus numerous supporters were in attendance from six states. For all three days the weather was beautiful (as is typical for fall in Colorado) and we grilled lunch on the field each day. Although all AMA, NFFS and FAC events were held, just the FAI winners are reported here.

F1A   Pete McQuade     822
F1B   Jace Pivonka       514
F1C/P Bob Hanford       696
F1Q   Jack Murphy        866
F1S   Jack Murphy        600
F1J   Bob Hanford         407
F1G  John McGrath       600

Len Surtees’ Aluminum Gliders

Len Surtees will bring to Fab Feb several aluminum winged 32″ TLG RTF for

Price US$200 includes built in viscous timer and electronic band burner ,
two DT options.

If someone is interested in buying then they need to email me at

And let me know left or right hand launch so I can set up glider correctly.