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  1. New  F1C s  For Sale
  2. In Search Of a Winder
  3. Golf (Carts) at Lost Hills in October

New  F1C s  For Sale

From: Roy Summersby
Artyem Babenko has sent me the models he had left in his workshop. Due to the situation in Ukraine and having bombs dropping just (300 meters) away he wanted them out of the country. He thinks that they are safer in Australia. He will not be making any more models for who knows how long as there are no engines as well as a shortage of other materials. The models are Arytem’s latest design which he claims are easier to use and climb higher. I have been asked to sell them at the normal price US$3000 plus some postage. I can post from Australia or bring to Lost Hills in February.

Roy Summersby +6143410072
Note. I only have three left


In Search Of a Winder

From:Alan Petersen
In search of a Blazhevych, or similar, winder for F1G. If you have one that you don’t need and would like to sell, please contact Alan Petersen,
Thanks –

Golf (Carts) at Lost Hills in October

Below is an effort by well known USA F1A sportsman Andrew Barron to organize getting some Golf carts at Lost Hills in October for those who are interested.  This has already been sent to some USA Finals participants.  The time frame includes the 2 World Cup Events , Sierra and Kotuku and the USA Team Selection event.  If you are interested you should contact Andrew right away at

Hi FAI free flight friends,

I am looking to see if other FAI finals participants would like to rent a golf cart.  As you are aware it is one of the options for moving your flying equipment and for retrieval, or for CD and Jury activity, as well as for comfortably getting from the cars to the flight line.  They are not as fast as the motorcycles, but they are a little safer, especially when looking up.  They are also good for family groups that might like to retrieve together.

Our usual connection is Everett from All Carts in Bakersfield.  From past experience, he will be more inclined to provide carts if there are more than one of us interested.  In the past the cost has been $50 per day, plus about $50 for transport (each way?).  It might be a little more now.

Let me know if you are interested and I will contact Everett.

My thought is to arrange carts to be dropped off at the field Friday afternoon October 7 (before the World Cup meets) and picked up Friday afternoon October 14, after any regular round flying or flyoffs that day (we can contact him for an additional day if needed).

Also let me know if you are aware of any International Flyers/TimeKeepers who might be interested.

See you soon.