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  1. Harvest Classic this weekend
  2. AE-24 2022 – A Model Aircraft Competition Just for College Students

Harvest Classic this weekend

From: Andrew Barron
Dear Free flight friends,
For those of us coming to the Harvest Classic Free Flight Meet this
weekend in New York, I wish to update us on the conditions.  The weather
forecast looks great.  Light wind from the South West both days.

I forward the earlier information from Tom Juell.  Note the need for care
in the fields that were recently planted.  Please use the golf carts only
on the farm roads and mature grass.

Hotel prices aren’t so bad this weekend for those looking to spend the


Harvest Classic
American Cup/ National Cup Wawayanda, NY
September 17-18, 2022

Saturday, Sep 17th starts at 10 am
FAI events: F1G(rubber), F1H(glider), F1J+F1P(power) F1Q (Electric), F1S (Electric).
AMA events: P30, E20, Electric B, HL Glider, Cat. Glider.

Sunday, Sep 18th starts at 8 am FAI events: F1A (glider), F1B(Wakefield). AMA events: E36, Electric A.

All FAI events will have 5 rounds.
Note that there is no splitting of AMA events, as participants prefer not to sleep over in the pricy local motels.
Field limitations (freshly planted sod and corn) might dictate curtailed maxes. DT and/or altimeter contests in large FAI events are possible with the consent of all contestants.

Entry fee is $25 for all events. Junior $15. Fuel donation $5. (Please bring the exact amount)

Camping is possible on the field. Super 8 in Middletown and Days Inn in New Hampton are popular motels. Directions to the field are on
CD: John Clapp (570) 888 0997
Assistant CD: Aram Schlosberg. (917) 446 3222 (please leave a message).


AE-24    2022

From: Mike Pykelny
A Model Aircraft Competition Just for College Students

Eligibility to Enter
1. No entry fee
2. One flight per entry, Longest time wins (see bonuses below*)
3. This competition is open to any university or community college student ages 18-25 in the United States. College ID or proof of enrollment is required.
4. Submit a video or video link of the flight to the NFFS AE24 Competition Director: Please put AE24 in the subject line.
5. Entrants need not be members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) or the National Free Flight Society (NFFS) to enter.

Aircraft Specifications

1. This Free Flight model may be from a kit, published plans, or of your own design; be creative!
2. Wingspan shall not exceed 24 inches (61cm) when it is in assembled condition. The wing is the largest flying surface on the model no matter the configuration. Fuselage length is not limited. The flying surfaces shall provide the sole source of lift (no balloons etc.), and may be made from foam, balsa, and/or tissue paper.
3. The propeller shall be an unmodified commercially available plastic freewheeling propeller up to 8.5 inches (22cm) in diameter. Weight may be added to balance the propeller. The propeller will be the sole source of thrust for the model.
4. A wound rubber motor shall be the sole means of energy to turn the propeller (No R/C, electric motors, engines, catapults)
5. Flights will be timed from the moment the model is launched to the time it lands, measured in seconds.
6. *NEW for 2022: Bonuses for balsa and tissue construction.

a. Final score will be flight time multiplied by 125% for all balsa wood or balsa wood & tissue airplanes
with a stick fuselage. No foam flying surfaces.

b. Final score will be flight time multiplied by 150% for all balsa wood or balsa wood & tissue airplanes with a built-up fuselage, where the rubber motor is inside the fuselage. No foam flying surfaces.

1st Place – Apple iPad WiFi 64GB
2nd Place – One by Wacom, Medium Graphics Drawing Tablet, 10.9 x 7.4 inches
3rd Place – One by Wacom, Small Graphics Drawing Tablet, 8.3 x 5.7 Inches
Sponsored by the National Free Flight Society

Note: we got this information in PDF which we can’t include directly so some photos are not included BUT the NFFS link above  contains a huge amount of  additional information and anyone interested this event must go that site.

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Roger Morrell