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  1. Altitude flyoff would have given me second place
  2. F1Bs available
  3. Bike for sale

Altitude flyoff would have given me second place

From:Gauthier Brière
Free flight competitions are flight duration competitions and not height competitions. A model that climbs lower but has better glide is disadvantaged by the current altimeter flyoff rule.

I would never have won the European Championships flyoff with a 2 minute altitude flyoff!

Indeed, my model climbed to an initial altitude of 115m and completed a full flight of 457 seconds. This gives a glide slope of about -0.25m/s.
Ezra’s model climbed to 119m for a flight time of 427 seconds. That is a rate of -0.28m/s.
We can therefore calculate that Ezra’s model remained higher than mine for about 144.5 seconds. At 120 seconds, it was higher than mine.

A better rule for flyoff altimeters would be to calculate the rate of sink (after stabilization of the glide by taking for example the first point at half the maximum and the second at the moment of the maximum) and to calculate the theoretical time that the glider would have achieved with model down to the ground. The calculation formula is not very complicated and could be defined in the FAI rules.

The altitude flyoff is a much better solution than anything else invented (DT flyoff, etc.), but it needs to be improved with experience.



F1Bs available

From:Rick Pangell
I am representing an estate from an F1B flyer that has three models available:

These are new.

·        Bukin F1B from GlideTEK in shipping box

·        Andrey Burdov Max*Star from Star*Link- FliteTech in shipping box

·        A new in the box Alex Andriukov with electronic timer and VP front end originally purchased from FAI Model Supply/Starlink.  This model has a span of what measures to be about 71″.  Included in the box are 4 spare prop hangers, two fin pivots and 10 pre-made 30gm motors vintage April 2005.  All the necessary paperwork and instructions are in the box.

I wish to sell all three and settle this estate. Any and all reasonable offers are considered. Shipping is additional and obviously based upon delivery location.  Currently they are in Denver, Colorado.

These models are easily convertible to F1Q and F1E as I have seen F1B’s flown at contests in those events.  Successfully too!

If you are interested please contact

I have original ads and photos upon request.

Rick Pangell

Rick Pangell – NFFS Central VP
Editor of “The Max-Out” Newsletter of
The Magnificent Mountain Men FF Club of Colorado

Bike for sale

From:Mike Thompson
Hi Roger. Would you please post my bike for sale. 1999 XR200. 2,500. contact Mike Thompson at Yes it is the moto flapper bike.

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