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More on the Euros

From the FaceBook, Per Findahl points us to the FAI report on the Euro Champs  At this place

It includes reference to a very good set of photos at :
Pity Flickr does not facilitate captions ?

The link to the detailed results is still not as good as the FFn one at:
Because they are missing some of the team results, while the FFn reference  above has them


All-Tee News

Could you post in the next SEN that All-Tee altimeters are in stock again?
Delivery by mail or any of the upcoming events: Eifelpokal, Czech Republic and France. Despite price developments and inflation, price remains 70 euro.

Regards, Allard



From Allard too
Ian will post on the World Cup score page information about availability of any certified altimeters, so contest directors know how to conduct their fly offs in adverse conditions.

Regards Allard

Plus, Plus

From:  Editor

I think we all would appreciate the update from Ian and especially from other providers of certified Altimeters

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Roger Morrell