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Looking to buy competitive F1B models

From:Ittai Kohavi
This is Ittai Kohavi, as some of you may know, my F1B model box was lost in Frankfurt by Lufthansa Airlines on the way to the Jr. World Championships this summer in Bulgaria. Despite our best efforts and the help of Lufthansa pilot Dirk Paff, the box is still lost in Frankfurt. With contests in Lost Hills fast approaching, I am looking to purchase two competitive F1B models to fly. Looking for models with Simplicity 4 or 5’s as well Alex Andriukov variable pitch front ends.

Contact me about models and prices either through my email: or text/call me at: 425-365-5634. Thanks you.


Good to see some new faces on the podium and high in the placings.

European Championship class F1A 2022

1    Per Findahl       E/C    1380    +360    +480    +490
2    Bostjan Bagari    SLO    1380    +360    +480    +450
3    Emmanuel Ragot    FRA    1380    +360    +480    +388
Champion team: Slovenia

European Championship class F1B 2022

1    Bojan Gostojic    SRB    1380    +480    +433
2    Jan Cihak         CZE    1380    +480    +405
3    Or Shabat         ISR    1380    +480    +395
Champion team: Poland

European Championship class F1C 2022

1    Gauthier Briere           FRA    1380    +480    +457
2    Ezra Shemesh              ISR    1380    +480    +427
3    Virginijus Furmaniukas    LTU    1380    +460
Champion team: Ukraine

European Championship class F1 Challenge 2022

Place Country  Total    F1A time F1B time F1C time
1    Israel    12252    4122     3990     4140
2    Poland    11976    3923     4140     3913
3    Germany   11947    4062     4032     3853

And for those wanting all the details go  to The Free Flight News maintained site as they have the Team Standings and Female contestants marked.

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