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  1. F1B Fly Off Window (beating a dead horse)
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F1B Fly Off Window (beating a dead horse)

From:Ross Jahnke
I fly F1B, but don’t make the fly-off too often. But as a frequent fly off
timer, watching the chaos in F1B when the horn blows compared to the A and
C competitors, I fully agree with Can Tezcan. His Comparisons to F1A, F1C,
F1P pre-round preparation shows the inequity. Further, I think a time
limited pre-round winding window has the same errors in logic and equity as
winding within the 7 minute round.

Editor’s Comment … lets hope we can find a live horse somewhere

No Problem …

From:Michael J Woodhouse
What’s the problem fly offs are supposed to be stressful?



As many as you like whenever you like

From:Michael Achterberg

Hello.I agree with Alex and who cares if someone starts winding motors 15min or 10min before flyoff round starts.. Bad strategy. If you set a time of 5 min before flyoff round starts that’s fine also, but not needed. Wound motor burns off energy quickly so no advantage to do this. But the idea of flyoff is to allow everyone to get there flight in. Doesn’t has to be so stressful by creating small window with limited time.. Allow winding as many motors as you want.  Makes no real difference.. Most, if not all, spend hours upon hours making and testing motors.. Super motors are hard to find. Maybe 10, 12 to 15 of them in a 10lb box. Winding 2 motors for 2 models for special flyoff flights depletes your flyoff group pretty quickly. So let flyers wind what they want. Idea is to make it fair for all, and not create an advantage to whose can wind fastest. Don’t matter. People tell me all the time or use to that I wind to fast, but it’s not an advantage. Just my thoughts..


Links to Euro Champs F1E Results