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  1. Junior World Champs – comments from a distance
  2. For Sale 2004 Yamaha 125 TTR
  3. FAI Events at the USA Nats

Quote of the Junior World Champs (from the FaceBook)

Junior WCH Bulgaria ! Very challenging weather during all three days.
Per Findahl,  Head of Jury


Junior World Champs – comments from a distance

The Champs are over, and hopefully everyone and their model boxes have found their way home.  As Per said above the weather was a bit challenging and there were a few other issues to but for the first FF Championship in some years the organizers achieved to objective , a festival for Free Flight with good sporting result.  Us people watching and supporting from a far would have liked to see more on the internet. The press plans were upset by covid and zoom meetings but Ian Kaynes reports that the FFTSC is already addressing the issues for future events.  Circumstances have changed since the 2019 Champs at Lost Hills and we need to adapt to the new normal..
In spite of slightly reduced participation the event was still a great celebration of youth and Free Flight.  We are fortunate to have in our community a number a very accomplished musicians.  I have enjoyed listening to the music of Andy Crisp (UK) and Dave Rounsaville (USA) and those in at Lost Hills in 2019 would have enjoyed the music lead by Ken Bauer from the USA and the singing by the young lady from Australia (apologies for forgetting her name).  We were happy to see the musical tradition continuing with music video by Yael Goldstein from the USA.  This had been on FaceBook and many people would have seen it in Free Flight group. Not sure if it will work for everyone but here is the link to the FaceBook posting . Be sure to follow the words on the video.

ps who won the most hair for the Guys on the USA team Ittai ? or Sevak ?, certainly not Charlie!

For Sale 2004 Yamaha 125 TTR

From:Ted Stalick

Hi Roger,
For Sale 2004 Yamaha 125 TTR.  I bought this chase bike from the late Lee Hines about 6 years ago.  Moto-flapper insignia still on the bike. Carb kit was recently installed, electric start,4 stroke, bike runs great.  I recently moved and need to sell because I currently do not have a place to store it.
For pick up in the Southern California area, or I may be able to deliver if you are not too far from Pasadena.
$1,200 OBO.   Email me at:

Ted Stalick

FAI Events at the USA Nats

I collected the FAI results the Nationals last week for the FAI events.
Participation was low due to the high gas prices and overlapping
the junior world championship in Bulgaria. COVID was also in the


2022 FAI National Results
July 25-29, Muncie IN

F1A     1 DANIER, JAMA               A     1,302
F1A     2 PARKER, JIM                A     1,265
F1A     3 ULM, GENE                  A       913
F1A     4 MACKENZIE, PATRICK         A       620
F1A     5 LANGELIUS, JAN             A       498
F1A     6 SPENCE, STEVE              A       110

F1B     1 MACKENZIE, PATRICK         A   1,237
F1B     2 ANDRIUKOV, ALEXANDER       A    960
F1B     3 SIMON, GREG                A    919
F1B     4 SIMON, EVAN                A    822
F1B     5 SCHLOSBERG, ARAM           A    802
F1B     6 JAHNKE, ROSS               A    505
F1B     7 CROWLEY, PAUL              A    198

F1C     1 PARKER, FAUST              A    897

F1G     1 GERSPACHER, DAVID          A    731
F1G     2 SIMON, GREG                A    726
F1G     3 MILLS, DAVID               A    598
F1G     4 GERSPACHER, KYLE           A    584
F1G     5 MATSUNO, CHRIS             A    572
F1G     6 JAHNKE, ROSS               A    540
F1G     7 JOYNER, LOUIS              A    532
F1G     8 JONES, DAROLD              A    527
F1G     9 MACKENZIE, PATRICK         A    525
F1G    10 MARKOS, CHARLES            A    503
F1G    11 DELOACH, SKILLY            J    467
F1G    12 MATTSON, HAILEY            A    384
F1G    13 REUTER, WES                J    283
F1G    14 REUTER, WILLIAM E          S     59

F1H     1 PARKER, JIM                A    586
F1H     2 FEDOR, MIKE                A    405
F1H     3 REUTER, WES                J    178

F1J     1 PARKER, FAUST              A    600
F1J     2 HANFORD, ROBERT            A    231
F1J     3 FEDOR, MIKE                A     12

F1Q     1 SIFLEET, ROBERT            A    900
F1Q     2 SECHRIST, DAVID            A    850
F1Q     3 PARKER, JULIE              A    821
F1Q     4 MURPHY, JACK               A    811

F1S     1 SECHRIST, DAVID            A       720
F1S     2 MURPHY, JACK               A       707
F1S     3 SIFLEET, ROBERT            A       640
F1S     4 PARKER, JULIE              A       590
F1S     5 NOLDY, MARIA               A       471
F1S     6 MURPHY, JERRY              A       244
F1S     7 HOOKE, DRAKE               A       240

Aram, thanks for collecting this information.