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We just saw that no one was clean in F1P  But a fly off for first between
Andrii Pshenychnyi and Oleksii Kosylo both from Ukraine.
Third place is Rusian Novak also from Ukraine
Could not be better
Estonia and Hungary took the other team places

No Pressure then

From:Mike Fantham
So nice to hear of the USA junior wins in A and B – congratulations to the winners and the whole team.  No pressure on the US F1P team then………

Unfortunately the USA does  not have a F1P team this year.  There is a good P flyer, candidate to follow in the steps of Gunder, Lorbiecki, Secor, Malkhasyan,… etc but he was not able to attend.  Taking part in a European hosted Champs is a big deal for American kids and their families.  At this time uncertainty around covid and the Russian invasion of Ukraine plus availability and cost of airfares was a downer this cycle. To attend you have to make the commitment way ahead of time.  This  year the USA team was smaller than normal and this made it extra tough doing the long retrievals in thermally, breezy conditions.  Even before the lost model boxes there were issues from coordinating travel to finding the “favorite” rubber lube was out of stock because of supply chain problems. As we have seen many stepped up to help making it an unforgettable experience.

Thanks all round

From Sevak -on FB, the USA Team Coach.

Ittai won the second fly off! Skylar Donnelly did amazing, placed 7th overall! As well as was the highest placing female competitor!!

An amazing F1B team that handled extremely difficult conditions! We started the day with winds at the 20 mph limit. Landing in sunflower fields, people’s backyards, and trees. Extremely stressful day! Thank you to our amazing support of our entire team! As well as the support of my newly adoptive parents Charlie Jones and Geralyn Jones!

A special thank you to my dear friend Michael Seifert who aided us with airplanes as our boxes get stuck in Frankfurt! He flew from Germany to Bulgaria and back to personally deliver us airplanes!!! Thank you to my dear friend Dirk Paff who spent hours in Frankfurt looking for the airplanes in tens of thousands of lost luggage. Thank you to Pawel Pietrzak for offering to send us models! Thank you to my new dear friend Can Tezcan who lended us two airplanes and aided us with everything. As well as The German Team manager who lended us an airplane. Thank you to Riho-Ats Saatväli who also offer a model. Thank you to William Booth who helped us over the phone with timer issues! Thank you to my dear friends Lisa Quadrino Pacelli and Brian Pacelli that offered to support the team financially when attempting to acquire F1Bs. Please forgive me if I did not mention everyone. I am BEYOND humbled by everyone’s kindness, and cannot express my gratitude!

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