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Today is opening ceremony for Junior F1ABP World Championship!

From: Charlie Jones

Today is opening ceremonies for Junior F1ABP World Championship!  The past four days have been spent getting the USA team ready.  Morning practice sessions starting at 7 am and lasting until 11:30 when the heat would reach over 100 degrees.  Then back out in the evening to fly well past sunset only to return to the hotel to eat dinner at 10:30, fall asleep and start all over the next morning.  The kids have worked very hard during these sessions putting in as many flights as possible with parents retrieving the models.  It has been very impressive to see them all work together.

We were able receive Skylar’s model box on Saturday but still have not received Ittai’s box. Through the generosity of the German Team and Michael Seifert we are able to have models for Ittati to fly.  We have had so many offers to help from so many people in different countries.  It’s this level of sportsmanship and help that makes these events and the free flight community so very special. We are all family!

We are ready for a couple of very long and hot day’s as competition beginning tomorrow. We wish everyone the best of luck and creating stories that will be told over and over again about the experience!

Charlie Jones
USA Junior Team Manager

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