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  1. USA Jnr F1B  Needs urgent help
  2. Looking for F1G wings
  3. Setting up an electric model

USA Jnr F1B Needs urgent help

From Sevak
Hi Roger,
Can you please post the following on SEN as soon as possible?
We have arrived but no F1B flyers have any models. We are kinda in panic mode and trying all our options.

Thank you in Advance
In Search of F1B models for juniors! The USA team has arrived and all of our F1B boxes are stuck in Frankfurt, Germany with no updates!
Anyone that is traveling to the Jr Champs in Bulgaria, Please reach out with pictures and cost.

Sevak Malkhasyan
Assistant Manager and Coach.

Contact info for Sevak Malkhasyan
+1 323 394 3424 (whats up, viber)
Or on Facebook
Thank You

Looking for F1G wings
From: Alan Petersen

Greetings Roger I hope this finds you well.
Congratulations on another major milestone!
Could you please post the following in an upcoming edition?

Seeking Stefanchuk Coupe Wings
I’m looking for a set of Stefanchuk Coupe wings, and/or a complete model.
If anyone can help, please contact me at
Thermals –

Setting up an electric model

Aram Schlosberg

The key element of an electric model is the energy speed controller (ESC). It converted the battery’s DC into AC with three lines to the motor. In addition, it supplies a constant DC current of just over 5 volts to the e-timer, servo(s) and the energy limiter(EL). This functionality is called BEC – battery elimination circuit.

When string up an electric model ALL components have to be connected. (Yuda Avla’s first principle.) This specifically means the motor, with or without the prop. The reason is that the ESC has to recognize the motor through the three line connection to function properly, including it’s BEC component.

I was putting together a geared Q model with huge props. To be sure the motor won’t accidentally start it was either completely disconnected or only had one line connected to the ESC. Although the motor never ran, it eventually burned out a Servo and later the ESC itself. They omit a bad smell in the process. (This applies across the board to all electric models.)

The other incident was that while holding the assembled pylon unit with the props for a test run, the props that require a stop to fold under the wings, were locked into position by a pushpin by mistake. Releasing the start button caused the motor to act like a trapped wild animal. It probably also effected the ESC’s BEC functionality.

Without a prop the motor will run very fast – drawing a meager current. But the EL requires a full motor load to function properly. So you really can’t setup a Q model side stepping the prop. ///

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