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  1. Nelson Glow Plugs
  2. Dave Acton – Annual

Nelson Glow Plugs

From: Walt Ghio

Doug Galbreath has retired from selling Nelson glow plugs and also fuel / bladder tubing.  I have taken over the selling of the Nelson glow plugs and Glenn Schneider has taken over the selling of the fuel / bladder tubing.

The Nelson glow plugs come in two heat ranges.  The hotter plug is marked with a red stripe.  At this time,  I have the normal plugs in stock.  If anybody would like the hotter plugs, I can supply them also.

I will not be attending the Nat’s this year.  Glenn Schneider has volunteered to take some Nelson glow plugs and have them for sale at the Nat’s.  If you would like to preorder glow plugs,  please send me a request using my e-mail address.  The cost is $8.00 per glow plug.

Walt Ghio

Dave Acton – Annual June 25-26, 2022

Dave Acton passed on May 1st. We decided to add his name to our June contest in Wawaywanda NY. A memorial service was held on Saturday. Tom Juell carried about 10 inflated helium balloons on the subway and train to White Planes, to get a ride with Betsy Purtell to the field. Dave’s daughter Carrie and her husband drove up from Pennsylvania. Allan Abriss, linked from Florida by FaceTime, gave the eulogy. A small model Dave built was lofted by the balloons into a vanishing dot in the blue sky and Tom spread Dave’s ashes on the field.

Saturday was dead calm; Sunday was windy. A few models were claimed by the powerful thermal queen.


Dave Acton – Annual 2022
May 25,26 Wawaywanda NY

G       Rousseau Don   100 120  89   83  87   479
G       John Clapp      74 103 120 dnf         297
G       Buss Bill         120  91 dnf            211

CatGlidePelatowski La    90  90  90           270
HLG     Pelatowski La   35  25  25   44      129
P30     Buss Bill        108 120 120           348
P30     Rousseau Don   120 120dnf            240
A elec  Hooke, Drake   120 120 120           360

A       Barron, Peter  180 146 150  150 150  776
B       Schlosberg, A  180 180 150  145 150  805

E36     Hooke, Drake   120 120 120           360
E36     Nolay, Maria   120dnf                120
B elec  Hooke, Drake   120 120 120           360

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