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  1. New Flower Power ?
  2. Raptor’s for sale
  3. MiniNeurone

New Flower Power ?

In listening to a business radio program on NPR talking about up coming events and business in Formula One the tech export reported that in addition to natural rubber and the other traditional additives Pirelli are now using a new natural “rubber” made from the  sap in dandelion stems in some of the latest tyres.   The new May 99 ?

Raptor’s for sale

From:  Vladimir  Linardic
2 new never flown raptor F1C models by Babenko for sale. Including transport box, tachometer and spare parts and accessories.
For more info contact[1]
Thank you

New Neurones

From:Frédéric ABERLENC
The *MiniNeurone* tracker for aeromodelling and drones is now available.
* More than 20 kms range
* 2.7 grams
* RDT using common free flight timers or direct servo control
* Certified altimeter (certification pending)
* Flash control

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Flying Neurons